Married At First Sight Chapter 2886

Married At First Sight Chapter 2886-Zachary’s big palm fell on the back of her hand. “Just show up, stay for about half an hour, and we will leave.”

Serenity said, “Don’t drink; just stay away from them. It’s best not to leave my side at all. Just stay for half an hour. You don’t have to stay close. Everyone will consciously stay a few meters away from me when they see me.”

Everyone knew that she was Zachary’s favorite. She finally got pregnant. The baby in her belly was very valuable. No one dared to get too close to her. If she accidentally falls and something happens, others may be hurt for no reason.

Serenity was helpless. She wouldn’t do that, but that’s what others think.

People in Wiltspoon’s upper class kept their distance from her, and everyone said they would shorten the distance after she gave birth to a baby.

“They are smart enough to keep a distance. Many of them like to smoke, and smelling too much second-hand smoke is not good.”

After Serenity became pregnant, Zachary no longer took Serenity to social events because he was worried that Serenity would smell too much second-hand smoke, which would be bad for the baby.

Serenity said, “Then forget it. After the baby is born, I will accompany you to socialize in the future. Who she is has nothing to do with me. Although I think she looks familiar, I may have seen her before, but I don’t know her, so I can’t remember her.

I haven’t gotten to know her; maybe we can’t talk.”

There were many wives and mistresses whom Serenity couldn’t get along with, but they were dim-sum acquaintances. Some people she really didn’t take to heart and didn’t know who they were.

Zachary wished that Serenity would not go with him to socialize. If she went, he would stay for half an hour and let her chat with others to relieve her boredom.

If she didn’t go, he would only show up for ten minutes and then leave.

He never liked attending banquets, so he might as well go home and be with Serenity. Besides, there were a lot of people at the banquet. Even if he would accompany her throughout the whole process, he would be worried that others would bump into her.

In his eyes, Serenity was just a porcelain doll, and he was afraid that others would break it.

It was still placed on the top of his heart and cared for in his hands, which made him feel at ease.

Zachary: “Duncan said that he would pick up Sonny from kindergarten in the afternoon so that you don’t have to make a trip. After picking up Sonny, he will go back to his company first. After getting off work, he will bring Sonny over and have dinner at our house.”

Serenity hummed, “With Brother Duncan here, I feel a lot less worried and trouble-free. He will take care of Sonny, and Sonny likes to be with him now.”

Thinking of the past, Serenity sighed: “I never dreamed that today would happen. Everything has changed. Even Sonny has changed. He used to be afraid when he saw Brother Duncan, but now he is not afraid anymore. They’re as close as a father and son.”

In Sonny’s eyes, Hank, the biological father, didn’t have the same status as Duncan.

Sonny said that his father always liked to speak ill of Duncan, but he didn’t like it.

Sonny was very clever.

Hank originally wanted to destroy the relationship between Sonny and Duncan but ended up adding fuel to the flames and promoting the relationship between Sonny and Duncan.

Now let Sonny call Duncan Daddy. Sonny can say it loudly and is willing to shout.

Zachary held her shoulders and let her lean on his shoulders. “I didn’t expect this day.”

He thought he would never get married in this life and would never fall in love with anyone.

As a result, she was forced by Grandma May to have a flash marriage with Serenity.

After the flash marriage, he vowed never to fall in love with her, but it turned out that he was the first one to fall in love with her.

To this day, the young couple is considered happy.

If they get a girl from the first child, that would be even better.

Zachary dreamed of Serenity having a daughter.

Serenity smiled and leaned on his shoulder. The happiness she showed could not be suppressed.

She hoped her sister and the people she cared about would have a happy life.

Serenity said: “In the afternoon, I went to my aunt’s house to visit my cousin. I miss the baby. It’s really the same every day. He’s getting cuter and prettier. He’s a little older. He’s definitely a charming little handsome guy, just like Sonny.”

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