Married At First Sight Chapter 2889

Married At First Sight Chapter 2889-Brenda breathed a sigh of relief and said, “You can make trouble with them, but don’t do anything extreme. If you go to prison again, when you come out again, you won’t get any share of the Newman family’s property. They will all transfer it to their names; why are you fighting?”

There were only three nieces in her natal family. Camryn did not like them at first, and the relationship between aunt and nephew was very bad.

Trenton was the nephew they really cared about. After all, the nephew would support his natal family in the future. The natal family was growing stronger, so the married girls wouldn’t face discrimination or bullying from their husband’s family.

But Trenton was of the same mind as Camryn.

The Chandler family and the Joyner family were both ruined and out of money. Both families were counting on Carrie and Camryn to fight for some family property, and then they could get some benefits from Carrie to help their own families.

Carrie was the best candidate to coax because she was young, active, and spoiled by her parents.

Therefore, Brenda was most afraid that Carrie would do something extreme and impulsive. If she stayed here for a few years, it would be difficult for the family to get back on their feet.

“Auntie, please clear this garbage away quickly; it stinks like h-e-l-l.” Carrie pointed at the waste products, disgusted with their authenticity.

“Okay, okay, I’ll call someone right away to come over and buy it and move it out.”

As she spoke, Brenda took out her mobile phone and called the waste collector. The cartons and empty bottles she picked up were all sold to that person, so she left the other person’s contact number.

After finishing the phone call, Brenda asked Carrie with a smile, “Carrie, are you handy? I haven’t been paid yet, and the family’s food expenses are all gone. Can you help me?”

Carrie said, “That boy, Trenton, is only willing to give me $5,000 a month. My parents asked him to give me $10,000 a month for living expenses, but I don’t have enough money to help you, auntie. “

Having said that, Carrie still opened her wallet, took out the cash in her wallet, handed it to Brenda, and said, “Auntie, I only have this now; take it. I haven’t found a job yet. With the little money I had before, I went out to relax and have fun for a few days, but I spent about 70% of it. I just relied on the living expenses that Trenton gave me.”

Brenda took the thousands of dollars.

In her mind, she scolded Carrie for being like this, spending money lavishly, and actually went out to play and spent all the tens of thousands of dollars.

If Brenda had known that Carrie was out to spend money, she would have made up a few lies to get more money from her.

If she wanted to cheat her, she probably wouldn’t get much money out of it.

Brenda said, “Carrie, you gave me so much money; you have no money. Now, what should you do? Will you go find Camryn again? After all, you two are sisters from the same mother. Don’t make trouble with her. You borrowed money from her and said that you have no money to eat; she can’t let you starve to death, can she?”

Carrie said, “Auntie, you should know how much that blind man hates me. She might really let me starve to death.”

Carrie was not short of money now and didn’t want to look at Camryn’s cold face.

She just had to put up with it and wait until Mr. Labbe gave her the task to complete. After it was completed, Mr. Labbe said that he would take away all the Newman family’s property and hand it over to her, as well as Camryn and Serenity. She could do whatever she wanted with them.

She wanted to give those two b!tches to some filthy beggars and let Zachary and his brothers watch as the beggars destroyed the people they cared about.


Just imagining such a scene made Carrie want to laugh out loud, as if she had really taken revenge on Serenity and Camryn.

Brenda gave her advice: “Go to Wildridge Manor to find Rosella. She is Camryn’s mother-in-law. Tell her that you have no money to eat now. Camryn doesn’t care about your life or death. You haven’t found a job yet, so you’ll get money from Rosella. For the sake of face, I think Rosella will give you money. At the same time, it will ruin Camryn’s reputation in her husband’s family and make her lose face.”


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