Married At First Sight Chapter 2890

Married At First Sight Chapter 2890-Carrie’s eyes lit up when she heard this.

Because she changed her face and used a new identity to approach Serenity, she always felt guilty and worried that she would be discovered.

Switching back to Miss Newman’s identity, she was thinking of making trouble with Camryn and showing her face to let everyone know that she was still in Wiltspoon and had not changed her face.

Carrie said, “Auntie, this is a good idea. I’m going to Wildridge Manor now to ask her in-laws of the Newman family for some living expenses.”

Brenda urged her: “Then go quickly and ask for more money to help me and your second aunt. We are really poor now. It’s best to ask Rosella to arrange a job for you. As the second young mistress of the York family, Rosella, if she wants to arrange work for you, it’ll be easy.”

Carrie didn’t want to work. She just wanted to put on clothes to stretch her hands, eat to eat, and live a life with endless money without having to go to work.

Mr. Labbe gave her several million in pocket money, and she asked her bodyguard to contact Mr. Labbe and give her another sum of money to buy luxury goods.

Mr. Labbe would usually satisfy her.

He was extremely rich.

Carrie didn’t know Mr. Labbe’s true identity, but he was very generous. From the bodyguard’s words, she also knew that the Labbe family was very rich. Mr. Labbe was keeping her. As a mistress, of course, she only wanted money. She only talked about money.

Looking at her expression, Brenda knew that she didn’t want to work, so she said, “If you don’t want to work, ask Rosella to arrange for your cousins to work in York’s subsidiary, and they can find a good job. If your income is stable, it can also help you.”

Carrie said, “Auntie, are you overthinking it? Is Mrs. Rosella so easy to talk to? It would be nice if she could give me some money. I also want her to arrange jobs for my cousins. Yes, she has that ability, but it’s just a sentence. It’s something, but she can’t agree to it.”

Carrie was young and not shrewd enough, but she also knew that Brenda thought too much, and Rosella had nothing to do with them. What qualifications do they have to ask others for such and such conditions?

“Auntie, you wait here for others to clean up this garbage. I’ll go to Wildridge Manor.”

Carrie didn’t want to listen to her aunt anymore, so she took her bag and walked out of the rental house.

She didn’t care if she could get the money now; she mainly wanted to ruin Camryn’s reputation in front of Rosella.

Camryn really didn’t know that Carrie would go to Wildridge Manor.

She had been busy this afternoon at the Spring Blossoms flower shop.

Towards evening, her sister-in-law, Serenity, came to her flower shop.

Serenity asked for a bouquet of flowers, then went to the York Corporation to pick up Zachary, and then went home together.

Duncan had long since picked up Sonny, and after he got off work, Duncan also sent Sonny back to York’s house.

If Sonny hadn’t insisted on following Serenity, Duncan would have wanted to take him back to the Lewis family.

Duncan’s parents liked Sonny very much. If Sonny lived in the Lewis family, his family would be able to develop a relationship with Sonny.

They were a family back then.

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