Married At First Sight Chapter 2892

Married At First Sight Chapter 2892-Of course, after such a long time, Rosella also knew that her daughter-in-law was only gentle on the surface but was actually very strong, and her appearance was very deceptive.

Rosella asked, “Camryn, have you gotten off work? Are you busy? Are you tired?”

“I came to the flower shop in the afternoon and trimmed the newly returned flower branches in the shop. I wasn’t too busy or tired.” Camryn smiled and said, “Mom, did you make some tonic soup again and ask me to go back to drink it?”

Rosella felt sorry for the suffering her daughter-in-law had suffered in the past. As long as her daughter-in-law was free, she would personally cook soup to replenish her daughter-in-law’s health. Every time she saw her daughter-in-law, she would scold her in-laws for being cruel and vicious.

No matter how much Camryn didn’t like them, they were still her own flesh and blood that her mother gave birth to after ten months of pregnancy. How could Mrs. Newman be so cruel and hurt Camryn like that?

Rosella thought that if she had a daughter, she would love her as if her eyes were hurting.

Mrs. Newman had a daughter who she didn’t know how to cherish or love. How could she abuse such a good daughter? Fortunately, Dr. Carden was able to cure Camryn’s eyes.

It would be so heartbreaking and a pity if such beautiful eyes could not regain their luster.

“I have made some soup. Will you and Callum come back when you have time? Come back for dinner. We will stay in the villa for the night. There is no chance of returning to the city tomorrow.” Rosella smiled and said, “Are you coming back? If you come back, I will let the kitchen cook more of your favorite dishes.”


Even her mother-in-law called, and Camryn still had to give her mother-in-law face. The young couple only had to make a trip back to the villa from the city, and the drive only took more than an hour.

It’ll be fine if she has breakfast tomorrow morning and then goes back to work in the city.

Callum was free in the company. Even if he didn’t return to the company in the morning, no one would criticize him.

Needless to say, Camryn had to leave many things in the company to Dalton for the time being. The most important thing was for her to deal with. Dalton asked her to take good care of her body, and the treatment of her eyes would continue.

Not completely fine yet.

Rosella said, “Camryn, I have something to tell you.”

Rosella’s change of subject made Camryn’s heart skip a beat. She still kept a smile on her face and asked in a warm voice, “Mom, what is it? Tell me.”

Rosella said, “Your sister is here.”

“My sister? Carrie? She hasn’t been seen in a few days. I thought she went to find a job. Come and file a complaint against me.” Camryn understood the virtues of his half-sister.

Rosella hummed, “She came over and said that you were cruel and ruthless. You took over the Newman family’s property and didn’t give her a cent. You also instigated her younger brother to trick her parents into transferring the property to her younger brother. Every month, just give her a little money for living expenses.

She said she couldn’t find a job, had no money to pay rent, and had no money to eat. She asked me to give her some money to eat and said that she wanted to starve her to death. Anyway, she said a lot.”

Camryn’s face was cold. Carrie couldn’t make any splash in front of her, so she changed her goal and went to her in-law’s house to sue her, and she even asked her mother-in-law for money.

With Carrie’s mind, she should not be able to think of such a solution.

It was probably her two aunts who taught Carrie.

“Mom, did you give her money?” Camryn asked Rosella.

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