Married At First Sight Chapter 2893

Married At First Sight Chapter 2893-Rosella said, “I didn’t give her money. She came to cause trouble deliberately and wanted to ruin your reputation. I saw her but didn’t let her enter the villa. I went out to see her. If I give her money once, she comes over and asks for money when she has no money. How can I give her money?”

Rosella was not that stupid. She continued: “Carrie scolded you too harshly. After I heard a few words about you, I had her mouth blocked and dragged her away to prevent her from barking at the door of the villa again. Yes, after all, she is your sister. No matter what your relationship is, she came to the villa to ask for money. You must know about this.

Camryn, I’m just telling you—I’m not blaming you; don’t take it to heart. Carrie and her mother treated you like that before, and I didn’t let the wolf dog bite Carrie, just to give her face.”

Rosella was worried that Camryn would think she was angry, so she quickly explained it. She felt that no matter what, Carrie was still the second young miss of the Newman family and the younger sister of her daughter-in-law.

Carrie ran to the door of the villa to ask for money and insulted Camryn. Rosella breathed a sigh of relief on behalf of her daughter-in-law, but she also wanted to let her daughter-in-law know about this and be defensive.

“Mom, I know. I won’t blame you, and I won’t take it to heart. If she likes to make trouble, she can make trouble. If she doesn’t make trouble, it’s not like her. Mom, you’re right not to give her money. If we do, she will lie to us and suck our blood. Now that we are adults, we have hands and feet. If we want to spend money, we can earn it ourselves. Next time she comes over, mom, you will let the wolves go, scare her a few times, and she won’t dare to come to the door again.”

This was how she dealt with Carrie.

As long as Carrie came over, she would ask the butler to let the wolf dog go.

Rosella said, “I know. There should be someone behind her, so just be careful, Camryn.”

Camryn said, “Except for my two aunts, there will be no third person. My two aunts have done this before, running to my mother to defame me.”

She was not with Callum at that time, and both her two aunts went to her husband’s house to denigrate her in front of her mother-in-law, saying that she was blind and not worthy of Callum.

She was severely criticized by her mother-in-law, who said that as long as the second young mistress of the York family knows how to spend money, it will be fine.

But her two aunts were so angry that they were half dead.

Camryn added: “Their two families are living a little harder now, but they are still unwilling to accept it. They miss the old days. When Carrie came out, she happened to be their pawn. That is, they might use Carrie.”

She could make the cousins from those two families lose their current jobs, making their family’s life even more miserable.

Why did the two families end up working for others? They had no idea why?

Did they really think that she, Camryn, was still the same blind woman who let them round her up and flatten her ten years ago?

How did they treat her before?

Camryn remembered it all.

Originally, she didn’t want to end the business between the two companies, but they were too cruel and wanted to destroy her, and she wanted her cousins to take her place.

That would be embarrassing.

“Some people really don’t need to be merciful.”

Rosella was not that easy to talk to.

People from the York family also protect their shortcomings.

Rosella said, “Camryn, if you can’t be cruel enough to drive them out of Wiltspoon, let me do it. I only need a phone call to make it impossible for them to live in Wiltspoon. You have already shown mercy. They are still instigating Carrie to cause trouble behind your back.”

Camryn said, “Mom, I can handle it myself.”

Camryn didn’t need Rosella to help her.

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