Married At First Sight Chapter 2894

Married At First Sight Chapter 2894-Camryn could make the Chandler family and Joyner family members unable to find jobs in Wiltspoon with just one phone call and have no choice but to leave Wiltspoon.

Carrie, a brainless person, might be able to figure it out without the instigation of those two families, find a job peacefully, and be self-reliant.

For example, Carrie has to accept the severe beatings from society so that she can mature and understand right and wrong.

Of course, Camryn didn’t dare to expect that Carrie would change for the better. Carrie’s outlook on life had long been crooked by her mother, and it would be difficult to correct it.

As long as Carrie stayed honest, Camryn didn’t want to kill her.

But if Carrie is still doing little things behind her back, Camryn doesn’t miss the sisterly relationship. Originally, the two of them had no sisterly relationship, but Trenton had feelings for Carrie, and Camryn only cared about Trenton on the face.

Carrie wanted to die, and her patience was gone. Even if Trenton spoke for Carrie, she would not be merciful.

Rosella said, “Okay. Camryn, if you need me to take action, just tell me; don’t be polite. We are already a family. You’re not for others to bully. Whoever dares to bully you, I will let them know that they will regret it.”

Camryn was moved by Rosella: “I have such a good mother-in-law. If anyone dares to bully me, it will be too late for others to please me.”

“We don’t need other people’s favor. Anyway, if they don’t offend me, I won’t offend them.”

Rosella spoke domineeringly, then changed the subject and said with a smile, “Camryn, you and Callum come back early. I’ll ask the kitchen to cook a few more dishes. You can just eat when you come back.”

Camryn: “Okay.”

“You go about your business first; I won’t disturb you anymore.” Rosella said that and took the initiative to end the call.

Camryn put her cell phone into her trouser pocket and said to the two assistants in the store, “You guys watch the store; I’m going to get off work.”

The two workers responded with a smile.

In fact, Camryn rarely returned to the flower shop. Most of the time, the flower shop was run by the two assistants. Camryn had increased their wages, and the business of the shop was getting better and better.

They helped Camryn because of her status as the second young lady of the York family.

Camryn wanted to go to the company to wait for Callum. When she walked out of the flower shop, she saw Callum’s car slowly stopping at the door of her flower shop.

“Wife.” Callum got out of the car, walked around the car, and came to Camryn.

Camryn: “Honey, can you get off work?”

Callum was tall and handsome, and Camryn stood in front of him, looking petite and exquisite.

Seeing Camryn’s hair disheveled, he reached out and combed her hair. Her hair was black, straight, and soft.

“You washed your hair. Your hair is particularly flowing.” Callum couldn’t help but play with her long, flowing hair.

Camryn hummed, “I washed it at noon. It’s warm at noon.”

“Wash your hair at night, and I can help you dry it.” Callum was a little bit shocked that he missed another opportunity to show consideration to his wife.

Camryn smiled, pulled back her hair, and said to him, “Have you seen your sister-in-law? She just left my place and said she was going to the company to pick up my elder brother from work.”

“I didn’t see her. Maybe we took a different route.” Callum said. He held Camryn’s hand and said warmly, “Let’s go home.”

Camryn said, “Mom just called and asked us to go back for dinner and stay at home for one night.”

Callum smiled. “I know. Mom also sent me a message, saying that she cooked a lot of your favorite dishes. Now the person my parents love the most is you.”

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