Married At First Sight Chapter 2895

Married At First Sight Chapter 2895-As Callum spoke, he opened the car door and helped Camryn get into the car.

Camryn could see, but she could only see clearly what was in front of her; it was too far away, so she still couldn’t see clearly.

Callum still took care of her carefully and considerately.

His bodyguards followed her wherever she went.

The two bodyguards couldn’t have a day off unless he was with her all the time.

Callum was scared to think about what happened last time. If Serenity hadn’t happened to meet him and save Camryn, he wouldn’t have dared to think about the consequences.

So when he retaliated against the Chandler family and the Joyner family, he was very cruel. He destroyed the businesses of those two families and made them bankrupt. They also owed debts and had to sell luxury cars and mansions to pay off the debts. Now the two families rent a house and work part-time to make ends meet.

Her two eldest aunts worked as cleaners. For the two pampered wives, the gap was very big.

“Your parents are very good to me, and everyone in your family is very good to me. My uncles and aunts are all very kind. From them, I have experienced what family warmth is and what father’s love and mother’s love are.”

Although her parents-in-law were just her parents-in-law, not her biological parents, they were her biological parents. Her biological father loved her, but after passing away early, she has no impression of her biological father. She could only know about her father’s past through her little aunt’s mouth.

Needless to say, her biological mother was even worse than her stepmother.

In her memory, she had never enjoyed maternal love.

Her mother was gentler to outsiders’ children than to her. In her eyes, Carrie and Trenton were the children. She was a nuisance and a thorn in her side. Her mother wanted to kill her.

Her fortune was not lost in the hands of her biological mother, but now she takes medicine every day to continue treating her eyes and recuperating her body.

Which mother would deliberately make it difficult for her biological daughter to have children in the future?

Her biological mother was that kind of person.

Callum leaned in and helped Camryn fasten her seat belt, then kissed her on the face and smiled: “You are the princess we will hold in our hands and pamper for the rest of our lives.”

Knowing her past, his parents and family felt sorry for her.

Especially when Dr. Carden told everyone that it was difficult for her body to conceive, and the elders felt even more distressed after knowing that it was her mother’s fault.

Rosella regarded Camryn as her daughter.

Callum and his brothers had to step aside.

Callum was also very happy. He was happy that his mother loved Camryn, and the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have a good relationship. He did not have to worry about conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and the family was harmonious.

Camryn smiled happily. “It was in your home that I experienced what it means to be treated like a princess.”

When she was still hesitating whether to accept Callum’s feelings, her aunt, Azalea (Evelyn), repeatedly persuaded her, taking the York family’s family tradition as an example, saying that if she married into the York family, Evelyn would not have to worry about her, and she would have a backer. Even if the sky falls, the York family will help her hold it up.

The main reason was that the York family was harmonious and there were not so many disputes. The elders in the family were very open-minded and knowledgeable.

Even her younger brother, Trenton, who was not yet an adult at the time, advised her to cherish her fate and not miss it after learning that the man pursuing her was Callum.

Later, Callum’s dedication finally made her put aside all her worries, open her heart, and completely accept Callum.

After Callum drove, Camryn said, “Husband, Mom also said that Carrie went to the villa and actually asked mom for money. She said to mom that I’m cruel and won’t give her a place to live or spend money with her, starving her to death. She also said that I have occupied her family’s property; bah, it’s her family’s property! Her family’s property was stolen from her by stepping on my father’s body. It belongs to my father, and what is my father’s is mine, and it doesn’t belong to her. My parents took over everything my dad left me.”

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