Married At First Sight Chapter 2971

Married At First Sight Chapter 2971-Serenity asked, “Can I tell your elder brother?”

After struggling for a while, Tatum said, “It doesn’t matter. If I need help from him in the future, I have to trouble him. If I don’t tell him, he won’t know how to help me.”

Serenity smiled lowly. “Your elder brother can help you with work matters, but there is no point in asking your elder brother for emotional matters. If you have emotional problems in the future, you can ask me. I know better than your elder brother.”

Zachary didn’t know much about women. In his words, all his knowledge of the opposite s-e-x was used on her, and he no longer had any extra thoughts to understand other women.

Every woman’s personality is different.

Therefore, asking Zachary about other women’s affairs was in vain.

Serenity couldn’t replicate what Zachary said.

Even if there is someone with a similar personality to Serenity, it is not Serenity.

As Zachary’s younger brother, Tatum also knew who his eldest brother was. Since his sister-in-law, Serenity, promised to help him if anything happened, he quickly thanked her.

If Serenity was willing to help him, it was equivalent to the elder brother helping him.

Who didn’t know that Zachary was a maniac who doted on his wife?

In the past, there was a saying circulating in Wiltspoon’s business community: Don’t offend Young Master York.

Now that sentence has been changed to “Don’t offend the eldest young mistress of the York family.” That would have more serious consequences than offending Young Master York.

They would rather offend the eldest young master of York than the eldest young mistress of York.

Tatum said, “Sister-in-law, I’m going to go in and apologize to mom. No matter what, it’s because of me that mom and dad stumbled.”

Serenity hummed.

She entered the house with Tatum.

Liam had already coaxed his wife.

Tania wasn’t angry anymore, but when she saw Liam rushing over to take her home late at night, she was a little embarrassed and felt that she was being unreasonable.

Liam also told her that if she really couldn’t accept Tatum becoming a chef for others, he would no longer be an enlightened father and would definitely stop Tatum from becoming a chef.

After Serenity’s explanation and the possibility that Tatum was working as a cook for the future younger daughter-in-law, was he pursuing his wife?

Tania can’t stop Tatum from pursuing his wife.

Tania, in turn, relieved her husband. She won’t stop Tatum from doing anything anymore. After all, he was an adult. Using the rounding method to calculate his age, Tatum was already thirty years old. She still cared about so many things.

The child was born sitting in Serenity’s belly, and Tania happily played with her grandson.

Children and grandchildren had their own blessings, and Tania didn’t care what they did.

Although Tania was also very interested in his future daughter-in-law and wanted to know where she was from, what her family background was, and what she looked like, Tatum didn’t tell her, so it was hard for her to ask.

One thing is certain: the woman’s character is not a problem.

The person Grandma May, her mother-in-law, chose was still someone Tania could trust.

Looking at Serenity, Camryn, and Hayden, no one was bad.

Grandma May had very good sense.


Tatum came in and saw his parents sitting on the sofa talking about something. He walked over and called his mom.

Tania raised her head and looked at Tatum. “Tatum, I just came to see your elder brother. I plan to stay here for two days to accompany your elder sister-in-law. I didn’t run away from home.”

Tatum observed that Tania was no longer angry, and he felt relieved. He sat down and said with a smile, “Mom, how could it be that you ran away from home? You just missed my eldest brother and sister-in-law, so you came to stay for a few days. But, Mom, my dad can’t live without you. If you are not at home, dad can’t eat or sleep. So, I sent my dad here overnight.”

Tania turned to look at Liam beside her.

Liam deliberately wore an old face, but in fact, he took good care of himself and looked like Zachary’s eldest brother.

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