Married At First Sight Chapter 2973

Married At First Sight Chapter 2973-After Serenity and Sonny went upstairs, Tatum apologized to his mom again.

Tania said, “Mom is not angry anymore. Tatum, your dad and your sister-in-law are right. You are already an adult; you know what you should do, and you can be responsible for what you do. You are not your eldest brother. You don’t have to shoulder the burden of the family. You can do whatever you want. As long as you don’t steal, rob, or break the law, that’s fine.”

Tania did not say this sentence: ‘Just bring a daughter-in-law when you come back.’

Tatum didn’t tell Tania that he was chasing his wife, so she pretended not to know. He would tell her about his relationship when he stabilized.

No matter who the daughter-in-law was, as long as Tatum liked it, Tania could accept it. At first, she could accept serenity.

The future younger daughter-in-law’s family could afford a private chef, so the family conditions were not bad, so what else couldn’t she accept?

“Thank you, mom, for your understanding and support.” Tatum thanked his mom. Then he asked his parents, “Mom, Dad, do you plan to stay with your eldest brother for a few days?”

Tania said, “Your grandma is not at home. Mom is here to take care of your sister-in-law. Your dad can go back if he wants. I will tie him up again.”

Liam immediately said, “Tania, I will be where you are.”

Tania said, “I didn’t come with your clothes.”

Liam smiled and said, “This is not the first time we have stayed at my son’s place. There is also my change of clothes in the room we live in.”

Tania choked; yes, she had forgotten this.

Tania said, “Tatum, you go back first. You have to go to work elsewhere. You need to clearly explain your work to Wiltspoon. You need to tell your elder brother and let someone take over your work to avoid a mess.”

Tatum hummed, “Mom, I know. I’ll wait here for my brother to come back. Just tell him.”

He was going to Annenburg in Province Down.

Although he also had many elites under his command, he still needed someone to help him look after him.

He had to tell his elder brother, Zachary, about these things.

Let Zachary take care of the arrangements.

Tania asked, “I heard from Seren that Zack might come back late from socializing tonight. Why don’t you stay at your brother’s place for one night?”

Tatum smiled and said, “Mom, I’ll wait for my eldest brother to come back and have a chat before going back. It won’t be a problem. I also have a house nearby.”

His parents had a room with Zachary, and they had a change of clothes. Tatum could stay in the guest room, but he didn’t have a change of clothes.

Several of their brothers owned a lot of real estate in Wiltspoon.

Usually, there was no need to stay at brother’s house.


“Then you wait here for your elder brother. Your father and I are too old to stay up late, and it’s getting late. We’ll go upstairs and rest first.”

Tania was no longer depressed; she was in a good mood, and she no longer felt that the time was difficult.

Tatum hummed and said good night to his parents.

He was watching as his parents went upstairs.

Tania went to the children’s room to see Sonny.

Sonny had already taken a bath, put on his pajamas, and was ready to rest, but he couldn’t sleep yet and was pestering Serenity to tell him a story.

Serenity ran a bookstore. Although she didn’t read novels as often as Jasmine, she still read some books in her spare time. Telling stories was not a problem for her.

Tania came in and saw Sonny listening to the story, his eyes wide open and not wanting to sleep.

Serenity would say to Sonny from time to time, “Sonny, close your eyes.”

Sonny closed his eyes obediently, but would soon open them again.

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