Married At First Sight Chapter 2977

Married At First Sight Chapter 2977-After a pause, Tatum said with a smile, “Grandma has given me a task. I have to take action.”

Zachary said, “You can’t be like Kevin, who stayed still for half a year and still hasn’t embraced the beauty.”

Tatum thought it was good that they were younger brothers. At least they could learn from their brothers’ lessons and avoid them.

“The ones grandma helps you choose are usually good and suitable for your temperament.” Zachary said and then asked, “When will you set off?”

Tatum said, “Let’s go next Monday. Let’s arrange the things at hand in the past two days. If the arrangements are not good, brother, you will help me take care of it.”

“Are you anxious?” Zachary frowned.

Tatum said a little embarrassedly, “The Ormond family is one of the top wealthy families in Annenburg. Working for the Ormond family will provide a decent salary and benefits. It is very attractive. The main thing is that Elora is very good at eating. Many people want to challenge it.”

“There are some words circulating over there. It is said that if a chef can work for Ormond’s family for three months before leaving to find work, he will be extremely popular. If he can work for Ormond’s family for more than a year and then look for work, major hotels will rush to hire him. If he can work for several years without being fired, that is fantastic. He can become the god of cooking directly.”

Zachary laughed. “It’s so exaggerated; why is Elora so good at eating?”

“Not only Elora, but several other young ladies are excellent eaters. They are all very particular about food, and this is a test of their culinary abilities. I’ve heard that many people who learn to cook fail the test even when it comes to making a simple stir-fried green vegetable.”

Zachary smiled and said, “You are quite challenging.”

The younger brother, Tatum, might not be interested in Elora.

After all, Tatum had only seen photos and never met her in person, let alone get along with her, so he was not so easily tempted.

But being the chef for the Ormond family was very challenging. Tatum liked cooking the most, so he really wanted to take the challenge and see if he could be a chef for the Ormond family after learning cooking skills for more than ten or twenty years.

After successfully applying, how long could he work?

This was all a challenge.

Tatum nodded. “That’s right, it’s very challenging, so I’m going to give it a try and see how many months my cooking skills can last with the Ormond family, who eats all kinds of delicacies from all over the world and all kinds of dishes.”

Zachary asked, “You don’t count years; do you lack confidence?”

Tatum said, “I am very confident. I can be regarded as one of the best chefs in Wiltspoon, but outside of Wiltspoon, it is hard to say. I used to participate in cooking competitions, but I couldn’t even get first place.”

Zachary said, “How old were you then? You were just an adult. You have seen the world and studied it for such a long time. You must have made progress.”

Zachary thought Tatum was the best chef. He said, “Kevin says you are the most talented in cooking.”

Kevin was asked to take care of all the hotels under the York Corporation because he was a few years older than Tatum, well-spoken, very communicative, and very knowledgeable about food, so he was in charge of all the hotels under the York Corporation.

Tatum said modestly, “Brother Kevin is still the one I learn from.”

Zachary said, “You want to go to Annenburg in Province X to work as a chef for the Ormond family. Mom won’t agree.”

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