Married At First Sight Chapter 2978

Married At First Sight Chapter 2978-Tania and Liam suddenly came to stay with Zachary for a few days, and Tatum waited for Zachary late at night. It seems that his parents had different opinions on this matter.

Tania came first, and then Liam.

Tatum, who felt that he had gotten into trouble, followed Liam.

Zachary guessed the result without even asking.

After Tatum was silent, he said, “Mom disagreed at first. She said I already have my own business, and it is running well. This year, I started to help take care of the family business again. If I like cooking anymore, I can do whatever I want in the hotel; there is no need to become a chef.

Dad supported me. He said that I could do whatever I wanted, as long as I liked it. Then mom argued with dad for a few words, but she couldn’t argue with me. She went back to the room angrily and closed the door to prevent Dad from entering.

Dad kept banging on the door for a long time but couldn’t get in. Dad just wanted to calm down Mom and then walked away. Who knew that mom took advantage of dad to walk away and quietly go out and come to your place? Dad and I thought Mom had been in the room all along. It was after mom lost her anger that she sent a message to dad. We only came here after we knew she was here.”

Tatum said a little guiltily, “My parents have always had a good relationship. They were unhappy because of my decision. It’s because I’m unfilial.”

Tatum felt that he was unfilial, but he still never said that he would give up his decision to apply for a job as a chef at Ormond’s family.

“What couple doesn’t have a little conflict? Don’t your sister-in-law and I have too many fights? We are fine now. Husband and wife need to communicate when they get along. If they communicate well, nothing will happen. Unless one party is unreasonable and unable to communicate, We will not marry a woman who is unreasonable and unable to communicate, so that situation will not happen to us.”

Tatum listened carefully to what Zachary told him about how to get along as a couple.

The elders in the family were all affectionate. He had heard about it since he was a child. Although he was unmarried, he actually already knew how to get along as a couple.

Tatum said, “Brother, I know. When dad and I came over, my sister-in-law had already persuaded mom, and she no longer cares what I do. Thank you, my sister-in-law, for helping me persuade mom.

Zachary said, “Mom was just complaining at that time, but she quickly figured it out and wouldn’t really stop you from doing what you like to do. We are all a family, so there is no need to be so polite. Your sister-in-law is still quite capable of enlightening people.”

Zachary looked proud when he said this.

Tatum ate a full belly of dog food in silence. His brother and sister-in-law would show affection at any time. As long as he spends some time with his brother and sister-in-law, he can’t help but long for love and marriage.

Zachary warned Tatum, “If you don’t have time to arrange things in your company, I will take time to come over and help you. You don’t have to worry about the company’s affairs. You’re out and alone, so be careful, pay attention, and don’t cause trouble.

We don’t bully others, but we don’t want to be bullied by others. If anything happens, just call us. Although it’s a bit far away, it only takes a few hours to fly there on a private plane. Take a few people over there. If something urgent happens, at least there are a few people who can be used.”

Tatum wanted to say something, but Zachary was still saying, “You don’t need to take the people you bring into Ormond’s house. Of course, it would be better if they had the ability to follow them into Ormond’s house. If they can’t get in, just let them roam around; find something to do to pass the time.”

Tatum said, “Brother, I’m going to work, and it’s not good to bring a bodyguard with me.”

“I didn’t ask you to tell everyone that you went out to work with your bodyguards. You went to such a far place just because you were afraid that if something happened, even if we rushed there immediately, it would be several hours later. There was no one around you, and we are always worried. Bring a few bodyguards over there, just for emergencies.”

Zachary had said so. Tatum had nothing to say, so he could only agree.

Tatum was probably the only one who traveled far away to work with his bodyguards.

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