The Divine Urban Physician – Chapter 501

Chapter 501: Memories

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Given how heaven-defying Ye Chen was, it was natural that he had a mighty expert behind him. However, Fang Zhenye had not expected it to be a mighty expert of this level!

Before Fang Zhenye could react, Chen Tianli pointed his finger, and a beam of light shot into Fang Zhenye’s mind. At this moment, his head felt like it was about to explode!

Something was being ripped out of his mind!

“Let me go… Please let me go, I’ll tell you everything!”

Fang Zhenye could only beg for mercy.

However, Chen Tianli ignored him. No one could stop him from doing what he wanted to do!

Besides, he had a limited amount of time in this world, so he would help Ye Chen as much as he could!

At this moment, green light flashed on Chen Tianli’s fingertip. Then, with a wave of his finger, the light shot into Ye Chen’s forehead!

When this happened, Ye Chen could feel images flashing through his mind.

In the images, Lin Juelong was severely injured and on the verge of death. There was also his father, Ye Tianzheng, who was pacing back and forth, determined and unyielding!

His father was locked up in a stone chamber on Jiang Dao Mountain!

Fang Zhenye had tried to extort a confession from him several times, but they were all stopped by that mysterious force. Instead, Fang Zhenye suffered a lot of injuries.

It was as if anyone who wanted to kill Ye Tianzheng would suffer the backlash of that mysterious force.

The last image of his father was Fang Zhenye bringing a few old men in black robes with powerful auras into the chamber.

There was an ancient red door tattoo on the necks of these old men!

Blood Alliance!

“My seals cannot defeat the mysterious power in his body, so I can only leave this matter to the Blood Alliance. According to my investigations, the family behind this person guards a supreme treasure and an ancient secret.”

“In ancient times, there was a Ye family in the Kunlun Mountains. I don’t know whether the Ye family in River City is related to the Ye family in the Kunlun Mountains, but the mysterious power in his body proves that he is no ordinary person.”

“Although this person is not a cultivator, there are many suspicious aspects about his origins. Please find a way to extract the information from him.”

These were the last words in Fang Zhenye’s memory.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Blood Alliance experts nodded and took Ye Tianzheng away.

Obviously, Fang Zhenye realized that he could not keep this secret to himself, and had to seek the assistance of the Blood Alliance to deal with Ye Tianzheng.

As for Lin Juelong, he was taken away by another person due to his injuries.

No one knew if he was dead or alive.

Ye Chen was a little disappointed that he was still a few steps too late. If he had come here a few days earlier, he might have been able to find a way to save his father.

He glanced at Fang Zhenye, who was still twitching, snorted coldly, and then swung his sword, cutting off the latter’s head!

It was better to kill off this worthless person!

Chen Tianli glanced at Ye Chen and said calmly, “You don’t have to be depressed. According to those memories, your father is not in any danger.”

“Moreover, your father must have gone to the Kunlun Mountains. As long as you find the Blood Alliance, you can find your father.”

“You can’t escape from the Kunlun Mountains. That is your true battlefield.”

“Even if it’s for me, you have to go.”

“The hope of the hundred of us is for you to take the first step into the Kunlun Mountains.”

Ye Chen’s eyes narrowed.

“Master, I’ve already heard a few of you say that I carry your hope and that I’m the one who can turn things around for all of you. What does that mean?”

“Also, since you are in the Samsara Graveyard, you should know my origins.”

“I don’t know.” Chen Tianli shook his head. “Also, there are some things that I cannot say even if I know. However, I truly do not know your origins.”

“In any case, since you’re here at Jiang Dao Mountain, you shouldn’t leave empty-handed. Since you have the Soul Suppressing Sword now, you should go and get the other thing”

“What is it?” Ye Chen asked curiously.

Chen Tianli stared in a certain direction.

“Has anyone in the Samsara Graveyard ever mentioned this to you? Soul Suppressing and Sun Splitting?”

“The Soul Suppressing and Sun Splitting Swords are twin swords. The one in your hand is the Soul Suppressing Sword, and the other is the Sun Splitting Sword. These two swords seem powerful, but more importantly, there is a stone under them.”

“Once the Samsara Graveyard absorbs this stone, it will benefit all of us.”

“I planned to take you to Xiangjiang City to look for this stone after I came back from the Kunlun Mountains. However, you made your own way here first.”

“Come with me!”

Chen Tianli walked in a certain direction with his hands behind his back. He seemed to be walking slowly, but every step he took seemed to cause space to shrink.

Ye Chen naturally followed. He could feel that the Samsara Graveyard was shaking violently, and was about to rush out of his body.

The Soul Suppressing Sword in his hand was also constantly overflowing with surging spiritual energy.

When Bao Peimin and the other guardians saw the direction the two of them went, their expressions changed slightly.

“They are going to the forbidden area of Jiang Dao Mountain?”

“It seems that the only thing that could interest such a mighty expert is Jiang Dao Mountain’s forbidden area.”

“Sigh, it looks like Jiang Dao Mountain will change. If those things are taken away, Jiang Dao Mountain’s formation and spiritual energy will disappear! This is clearly plundering!” An old man sighed.

Elder Wan glanced at the other party and said coldly, “Go and stop him then. Who in Huaxia can stop such a mighty figure? As you can see, he can kill us just by looking at us. He can even ride the clouds and fly on a sword. Let alone taking those things, no one would dare to say anything even if they took away Huaxia’s dragon veins.”

“Besides, this time, it’s the guardians who owe Ye Chen ourlives. Just treat it as compensation. As for Jiang Dao Mountain, we can always move or rebuild.”

Everyone could only accept it..

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