Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1294 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1294 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1294

“Can you see just a little?” Callum sat right next to Camryn. By right, Camryn would not be so precise as to snatch the sunglasses out of Callum’s hands since she could not see.

“You’re sitting next to me, so I can gauge the distance from your scent to retrieve my sunglasses. Well, I hope I can see a little, but too bad, I can see nothing.”

Her world was only a single shade of blackness.

“You look good without your sunglasses.”

Callum complimented her looks.

“Do you think my mom is trying to use my looks for something, Mr. Callum?”

“I think you already have an idea. It’s easy to carry a conversation with intelligent people. You get what I’m trying to say without me getting into it.”

Nana picked Camryn out of all the women to be his wife, so she clearly was not some bimbo.

Although upbringing and history did not matter to Nana when it came to selecting her future granddaughter–in–law, one of Nana’s criteria was a good IQ level. They needed wits to survive in this dog–eat–dog society.

“Don’t worry. I will also be attending tomorrow night’s event, and so will Zachary and his wife. My sister–in–law adores you and sees you as a friend. She won’t let anything happen to you. You can just go with your mom,” Callum said.

“No matter what, you’re the daughter of the Newman family. You should be active in social engagements and run in the circle.”

Camryn would have to socialize and rub shoulders with the upper crust when she married into the York family.

His sister–in–law, Serenity, had been attending various social gatherings with Mrs. Stone to work on her social skills for Zachary’s sake.

“I don’t want to be a part of that circle, nor do I see the need to. The daughter of the Newman family? Well, everybody knows what’s up. I don’t need anybody’s sympathy.”

Those people would only look at her with sympathy in their eyes.

Pity was the last thing Camryn needed. Her father was no more, and her mother could not care less about her. Yet, Camryn was doing well for herself.

She may not earn much, but she had enough to cover her expenses while being able to put some money in the bank. Although her savings were not a lot, she was happy she could save a few thousand dollars by living frugally.

Camryn was blind after all.

She did not have to be dependent on the care of others. Camryn could sustain and support herself, and that itself was an achievement for her.

Should one day she could take back what belonged to her father…

That was something to expect in the long run. Camryn had come a long way, playing the patience game. The priority now was to treat her eyes. She would continue to play blind when she could see again while collecting evidence behind the scenes.

Once she had enough hard evidence and had the means, Camryn would take back everything that was her father’s…

Also, Camryn wanted to know if Dad died of depression and suicide or murder.

Callum quietly stared at her.

The girl was like a rose. Sometimes, she protected herself by hiding behind the thorns.

That reminded him of the bouquet he bought.

It slipped Callum’s mind that he had brought the flowers with him into the restaurant.

Picking up the bouquet, he presented it to Camryn.

“Mr. Callum?”

Catching a floral scent, Camryn gently pushed away the bouquet.

“For you. I hope the flowers can brighten up your day.”

The tenderness in his voice nearly broke down Camryn’s walls.

As far as she could remember, the nicest person to her was her aunt. However, her aunt married to a far away place when she was in elementary school. Oh, there was a nanny too, but her mother fired her soon after.


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