Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1301 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1301


One to satisfy her sister’s palates, Liberty made pasta with bacon bits. Liberty added basil to her sister’s plate, but she had none of that.

‘The food is ready.”

Liberty called her sister over to grab her plate.

Serenity put a pause on work and went to wash her hands before taking her portion.

The sister sat down at the table. As usual, Serenity pulled out her phone and scrolled the news while eating.

“No phone during mealtimes. Put away your phone.”

Liberty had rules during mealtimes.

“I was just looking.”

Although Serenity said so, she slipped the phone back into her pocket.

“I don’t want to see you on your phone while at the dining table anymore.”

“Got it.”

Serenity could never defy her sister. Besides, screens during mealtimes were a bad habit.

“Are you really not coming with me to the event tonight, Liberty?”


“I think you should broaden your horizons, Liberty.”

Liberty took her time with the pasta. Since the food was fresh out of the pan, it was a little hot.

“I don’t need to broaden my horizons. At least, I’m not at that point yet. You’re different. You’re the missus of the York family. You need to adapt to their circle.”

Serenity gave up since no amount of words could convince her sister to come along.

Liberty refused to go when Aunt Audrey invited her as a plus-one.

“When are you getting your car?”

Liberty bought a car for less than a hundred thousand dollars yesterday. Elisa told her to pick something of better value, but Liberty said no.

She bought a compact MPV.

“In a few days.”


While the sisters were chatting during breakfast, Duncan arrived at the diner.

It was a wonder that he came earlier than Liberty’s workers. The two employees were right behind him though.

“You’re early, Mr. Lewis.”

Putting down her cutleries, Liberty got up and approached Duncan. She asked with a smile, “Are you not taking the day off today, Mr. Lewis? What would you like?”

Seeing that Serenity was around, Duncan gave Serenity a nod and glanced at Liberty’s unfinished pasta. He said, “I can wait for you to be done with your breakfast. I’m off today. The same old for me.”

Still, Liberty went on to make him food.

Duncan went over, took a seat at the table next to Serenity’s, and struck up a conversation. “I see Zachary isn’t with you.”

“He barely gets any day off, so he should sleep in.” Serenity believed she was right in the money about Duncan as Duncan came to have breakfast at her sister’s diner even during his day off. However, Duncan was still in denial.

“Do you always have breakfast at my sister’s when you don’t need to go to the office?”

Duncan replied, “It’s hard to break out of a routine.”

Serenity opened her mouth, but no words escaped her lips.

“Is Sonny still sleeping?”

Duncan turned his attention to Sonny.

“Yeah. He’s still asleep.”

Duncan stopped talking.


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