Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1304 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1304

While it was a cooking spree at Liberty’s diner, Zachary woke up back at home and as always before opening his eyes, he turned to his side and reached out to hold his wife. Alas, all he grabbed was air.

Zachary opened his eyes.

Serenity was no longer in the room.

He looked at the sky outside. The sun was high.

Turning over, Zachary grabbed his phone on the bedside table to look at the time.

“Nine o’clock?!”

He jolted up.

Even during the weekend, Zachary had never gotten up this late.

Maybe he came home a little too late last night.

Zachary washed up and got dressed in record time. He even picked an outfit Serenity had bought for him.

He opened the bedroom door to find Mrs. Lane watching TV on the sofa with a cat on her lap. With the door swinging open, Mrs.

Lane cocked her head to look at him. She then rose to her feet and said with a smile, “You’re awake, Mr. Zachary. Should I get a start on breakfast?”

“It’s after nine now.”

Zachary mumbled as he walked out of the room.

“You should have something to eat even though it’s nine. Before going out, the missus said that you must have breakfast when you get up.”

‘Where’s Serenity? When did she get up? What time did she leave?”

Zachary was not too happy about that.

His wife disappeared on the day he was not working. She did not even wait for him to wake up or have breakfast with him.

It was as if his wife gave him the snub.

The entrance was pushed open before Mrs. Lane could reply.

Serenity was back.

“You’re up, Zachary.”

Serenity entered the house and greeted her husband before closing the door behind her.

Without responding to her, Zachary pulled a long face and turned on his heel to march back into the bedroom.

She ditched him first thing in the morning, and now that she was home, Serenity was back to calling him by his name instead of with a term of endearment.

Already displeased that his wife abandoned him, Zachary grew discontent and went to sulk in the room.

He was throwing a fit.

It did not occur to Serenity at first. She was dumbstruck that Zachary turned around and headed for the bedroom. She went to ask Mrs. Lane,” What’s up with Zachary, Mrs. Lane? Who made him mad?”

Mrs. Lane glanced at the bedroom door as Zachary slammed the door hard. Amused, she told Serenity, “Mr. Zachary is angry at you.”


Serenity remarked in confusion, “I left early in the morning. I don’t remember winding him up. Tell me, Mrs. Lane. How did I drive him up the wall? You know, Zachary. He’s the pettiest. It scares me when he’s mad.”

She spoke in hushed tones so as not to upset Zachary even more.

It was Serenity’s worst fear when the man kicked up a fuss over seemingly nothing.

In the past, the cause of the couple’s silent treatment was Zachary’s tantrums that came out of nowhere. With Serenity left scratching her head, the conflict only deepened. In the end, they would not speak to each other.

After the big hoo-ha of his secret coming out and the couple getting back together, it had been a while since he gave an attitude and sulked.

Oops. She better not let Zachary find out what she said of him.

Sometimes, Serenity believed she should switch places with Zachary.

The women were usually the ones to throw tantrums, but Zachary was the pouty one between them both.

Zachary may appear mature and handsome, but in the world of love, Serenity had never met anyone who had more fits than Zachary.

With Mrs. Lane letting go of the cat, the cat stayed by Serenity’s feet, refusing to leave.


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