Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 468 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 468

“Mrs. Lane, it wasn’t easy for Sonny and my sister to fall asleep, so don’t wake them up yet. Just keep some porridge warm on the stove for them to eat when they wake up.”

Mrs. Lane nodded. “Alright.”

The three ate breakfast together. Serenity made herself a cup of instant coffee to wake herself

Once Mrs. Lane finished eating, she left the little dining area. Zachary took advantage of this to reach out and hold Serenity’s hand.


Zachary said warmly, “You should stay home and rest. I’ll go alone.”

Serenity held her hand back and reassured him, “I’m fine. I’ll be able to hold up as long as I finish this cup of coffee. And anyway, you’re going to the Reptons‘. You might have to continue arguing with them, and you’re not as good as I am in that department. Even if brought all your cousins, you might not be able to win against Chelsea Repton in an argument.”


All the Yorks were cultured people. Arguing was definitely not in their DNA.

“I’m Sonny’s aunt. I definitely have to help him seek justice when he’s been bullied so terribly into this state. Yesterday, when Sonny fainted, I didn’t have the time to duke it out with the Reptons because I was concerned about him. Now that he’s recovered slightly, I’m in the mood to confront them.”

Zachary looked deeply into her eyes.

Serenity smiled. “Zachary, stop looking at me like that as if you’re trying to seduce me. You’ll make my heart beat faster. My thoughts will go wild and I just wish I could pounce on you and gobble you up.”

Zachary was struck speechless.


Zachary’s handphone started ringing.

It was Callum calling.

Zachary picked up the call. “Zack, we’re all waiting at the XX highway intersection’s toll booth.”

“Alright, I’ll come over now.”

Zachary hung up and said to Serenity, “They’re waiting for us at the same spot as yesterday.”


Serenity hurriedly chugged her unfinished coffee down in three gulps.

After a few more words to Mrs. Lane, the couple left Liberty’s home.

On the way there, Serenity received a call from Elisa Stone.

“Serenity, you got the photos I sent you, right? Do you feel a sense of familiarity after seeing them?”

Elisa had heard from Serenity that someone in her hometown had adopted a girl before and hoped she could find some useful leads through Serenity to find her aunt.

Today, her mother would return from their seaside villa.

Elisa hoped very much that when her mother returned, she would have some good news for her that could cheer her up.

Serenity hesitated for a moment before saying, “Elisa, I do think your aunt looks familiar to me. Like… If Sonny wore pigtails and a dress, he’d look a little similar to your aunt. Maybe… Maybe kids all look about the same when they’re that young.”

Afraid that Elisa would misunderstand that she was trying to create a relationship where there was none, Serenity hurriedly explained, “Elisa, I don’t mean anything else by it. Just that when I looked at it closely, I thought Sonny shared some degrees of similarity to your aunt. In a few days, when I’m free, I’ll try to draw a likeness of what your aunt might look like as an adult from the photo of her as a kid.”

If Sonny really did look similar to Elisa’s aunt, that would mean her mother was Elisa’s aunt.

However, her mother died fifteen years ago.

Elisa was silent.

Her silence made Serenity uneasy. Worried that Elisa would misunderstand her, she said once again, “Elisa, give me a few days‘ time. I’ll help illustrate your aunt as an adult. I’m just not free right now. I mentioned that Sonny looked a little like your aunt, but maybe kids all look about the same at that age, so don’t think much about it.”

Mrs. Stone had been looking for her sister for many years now, and there had been people who had tried to pose as her sister to try and make connections with the Stones.

Serenity did not want Elisa to misunderstand her.


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