Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 470 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 470

“Yeah, they’re a pretty big family. Thank you, Elisa.”

Elisa felt relieved after hearing that Serenity’s husband had brought backup. “Serenity, you had a shotgun marriage with that husband of yours, right? It seems like he’s not that bad. At least he’s willing to help out when you run into trouble.”

Unlike Liberty’s husband. So what if they had known each other for twelve years?

He still could not match up to Serenity’s husband from a shotgun marriage.

“Alright. I won’t go this time, but the next time, if you run into trouble again, you have to tell me, or else I’ll consider you’re no longer thinking of me as a friend. Send your sister’s address to me. I’ll visit Sonny there.”

Serenity did not deny this request.

After she ended the call, Serenity sent her sister’s address to Elisa Stone.

Zachary had been partially paying attention to Serenity’s conversation with Elisa.

When he heard Elisa wanted to bring people over, his hands that were placed on the steering wheel tightened.

If Elisa Stone came over, his identity would be revealed.

He did not want it to be suddenly revealed. That way, Serenity would not be mentally prepared for it and it would be hard for her to accept. Plus, their feelings were not firm yet.

It was not suitable for his secret to be exposed all of a sudden.

Luckily, Serenity politely declined Elisa’s goodwill.

Zachary did not have any positive feelings towards Elisa, but could not deny that Elisa was sincere toward Serenity.

Elisa’s temperament and status meant she did not need to keep it in no matter what she encountered as she could do whatever she wanted.

Zachary pretended to ask casually, “Was that Ms. Stone?”

“Yeah. She sent her mom and aunt’s photo from when they were little for me to take a look. That day, I glanced at it but didn’t notice anything. Later on, when I looked at it a little closer, I suddenly felt her aunt looks pretty similar to Sonny.”

Zachary was so shocked by this statement that he nearly ran into the car in front of him.

He immediately hit the brakes.

Serenity’s body jolted forward for an instant.

“Don’t drive so quickly. Why don’t I drive instead?”

Serenity even said of him, “You should drive a little slower. It’s better to stop for three minutes rather than get just a second ahead.”

When she drove, she would not speed unless there was something urgent. Otherwise, she was usually very steady.

Zachary started moving the car again and said, “The traffic conditions were so good I couldn’t resist speeding up.

“Serenity, you said Sonny looks like Elisa Stone’s aunt?”

Zachary continued to pretend like nothing was wrong and asked Serenity.

Serenity did not notice his odd behavior. His acting was Oscar–worthy. She was not well versed in acting and was not able to tell.

“A little. There are maybe around four or five degrees of similarity. Sonny looks more like my sister, but also a little bit like Hank.”

At the mention of this, Serenity suddenly gasped in realization. “Oh! If Sonny looks like Elisa’s aunt, my sister should look even more like her.”

However, when Elisa saw her sister, she did not have any strange reaction. Maybe her sister was too fat, so Elisa could not tell?


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