Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 473 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 473

Mrs. Stone was stunned to hear that. “Zachary has a partner?”

“He’s already married and he’s really good to his wife. He spoils her and is so protective of her that Clive can’t even find out who she is.”

Mrs. Stone was silent for a moment. “Since he already has a wife, you should give up then. He wasn’t yours in the first place. It’s always been one–sided on your part.”

Mrs. Stone was very appreciative of Zachary, but she knew Zachary did not like her daughter at


It was her daughter who just wanted to give it a try.

Once she hit an insurmountable wall, she would have to turn back.

“Mom, I have to tell you about something.”

Elisa did not want her mother to bring Zachary up again. Every mention of him was a stab to her heart.

It would be a lie to say it was not painful to suddenly find out the man she had loved for years was already married, and that she almost became the third party in a marriage, so she had no choice but to give up on her feelings abruptly.

Now she tried not to bring up Zachary as best as she could to avoid feeling the pain.

“What about? I’ll be reaching home very soon. Why don’t we wait until I’ve gotten home?”

“I think you’ll be very happy to hear this. It’s a new lead about my aunt.”

As expected, Mrs. Stone’s expression changed and she asked in surprise, “Elisa, there’s a new lead? Where’s your aunt now?”

“You know my friend Serenity, the one who trended on Twitter as the ‘unfilial granddaughter” the last time? I sent the photo of you and Aunt as kids to her so she could help keep an eye out. Just now, when I called her, she said after she looked at it closely, she noticed her nephew Sonny, and my aunt have a few similarities in common.”

After hearing that, Mrs. Stone paled.

The whole Twitter trending issue spread pretty far at the time. Although she did not see the photo the Hunts had deleted, she had heard an overview of what happened from her daughter.

The Hunt sisters were orphans.

If Serenity’s nephew looked like her sister, that meant Serenity’s mother was her sister and that she had died fifteen years ago.


Mrs. Stone did not want to believe it. It was hard to accept that the sister she had been looking for for decades had died a long time, fifteen years ago.

She gripped the phone tightly and only managed to suppress her roiling emotions after a long moment. She asked, “When you saw Serenity, did you notice if she looked like your aunt?”

“Nope, I think Serenity’s mentioned before that she looks like her dad.”

Mrs. Stone was at a loss for words.

“Her sister looks like her mom, but her sister’s so fat, no matter how I try, there’s no way for me to see the similarity between her and my aunt. Mom, I think this time we might really have found her. The first time I met Serenity, I felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity toward her.

“The first time I saw Sonny, I liked him a lot. With my personality, I rarely like people right away. I think it might be the blood relation.”

Moreover, because she and Serenity were cousins, she felt a sense of familiarity toward Serenity.

“Where’s Sonny?”

“Serenity said there’s been an incident with Sonny. Luckily, it wasn’t too severe. They’ve already left the hospital and returned home. Her sister is taking care of him at home. I just wanted to ask you when your estimated time of arrival was so I can bring you with me to Liberty’s place to visit him.

“It doesn’t matter if Sonny is my aunt’s grandson. I just like him and after finding out something’s happened to him, I want to see him.”

This was the first kid she was fond of.

Elisa was filled with anger upon hearing he had been bullied into this state.

Once Serenity had some free time, she would ask more details of her and punish that family again, making sure they would get their fill of it.

She was not afraid of others calling her unreasonable and biased.

In Wiltspoon, who did not know Elisa Stone was an unreasonably savage person?

“What happened to Sonny?”

Elisa narrated Sonny’s story to her mother.

Mrs. Stone felt distressed upon hearing it.

In her daughter’s words, it did not matter whether Sonny was her sister’s grandson or not. Purely hearing that a two–year–old child had been beaten so badly was enough to distress anybody.


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