Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 475 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 475

“What are you guys here for again?” Chelsea demanded to know.

She wanted to bar Serenity and the rest from entering her home, but she was too weak to stop them.

Her husband, on the other hand, sang a different tune as he politely invited Serenity and the Yorks into the house.

Matthew started glaring at them furiously the moment he saw Serenity and her party.

His father saw this and pinched him.

“You need to apologize honestly later.”

George reminded his son in a lowered tone of voice, “These people are not to be trifled with.”

They remained wholly unscathed even after smashing up the Reptons‘ home.

The cops at the police station yesterday were not on their side at all.

George was worried the Yorks had some hidden power and so decided to capitulate, reminding his son to apologize genuinely.

Actually, it was all George’s overthinking. The police had watched the security camera recordings and felt Matthew had been overtly cruel, which was why they had decided to ignore the fact the Reptons‘ home was wrecked.

Their thinking was, ‘You beat up their kid to the point he had to be hospitalized, and yet you could not allow them to take their anger out on you?‘

People with no children may not have understood the parents‘ fury and pain, but those who had were furious when they saw that video.

Matthew pursed his lips and refused to speak.

He did not think he had done anything wrong. Lucas said Sonny hit him!

He was Lucas’s older brother. If someone hit his younger sibling, he naturally had to stand up for him. Who asked Sonny to hit Lucas? He did not beat Sonny to death either, so why did it seem like, to the adults, he had committed a heinous crime?

Matthew’s thoughts were in the same vein as his mother’s.


Mr. Brown asked Serenity with a benign countenance, “How’s Sonny?”

Chelsea interjected, “Dad, look at Matthew. He’s all recovered now, so Sonny must be all recovered too.”

Serenity glared coldly at Chelsea.

Chelsea said nastily, “What are you glaring at me for? Serenity, you guys smashed up my home yesterday. The sum–”

Under her father‘s glare and her husband‘s tugging, Chelsea finally shut her mouth.

She sat down beside her husband indignantly.

Seeing her in–laws pour glasses of water for Serenity and her party while serving them fruits and snacks, Chelsea felt even more dissatisfied.

“The wound on Sonny‘s face hasn‘t healed yet. The place he was kicked in is still bruised black and blue, and he cried the whole night last night while having a high fever. This morning, he had another dose of ibuprofen, and the fever went down. He only fell asleep then, also because he was too tired from crying.”

Distress appeared on Mr. Brown‘s face.

“Did Liberty not send Sonny to the hospital?”

Hank asked, his tone accusatory.i

Serenity and the Yorks looked at him in unison.

Hank hesitated befi ?adding, “Sonny has a fever. What‘s wrong with sending him to the hospital? Isn‘t that a choice a normal mother would make?”

“Hank Brown, you shut your mouth. Sonny is yours and Liberty‘s child. You stayed out all night last night, so what right do you have to criticize Liberty?”

Mr. Brown ran out of patience and could not help but yell at his son.

Once Hank was scolded until he no longer dared open his mouth, Serenity then said, “We sent him to the hospital in the middle of last night to see a doctor. The doctor prescribed some tranquilizers and asked us to buy a bottle of ibuprofen. He said we could only give Sonny the ibuprofen to reduce the fever once his temperature exceeded 38.5 degrees Celsius.”

At first, the two sisters tried to cool Sonny down physically.

However, later on, his fever kept rising, so they had no choice but to feed Sonny the ibuprofen which managed to reduce his fever. Sonny was tired too from suffering through the night, and only managed to fall asleep then. “My poor Sonny.”


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