Married at First Sight Chapter 2240 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2240 by desirenovelLiberty: “Okay, Thank you.”

She finally reached out to take the red envelope.

The next time she went to Jensburg, she would return the bank card to Kathryn face to face.

“Ms. Hunt, I’ll take your words back to our lady. Ms. Hunt, my mission has been completed, so I’m leaving now. Once again, I wish Ms. Hunt a prosperous business and a wealth of money.”

Liberty: “Mr. Farrell, won’t you stay for dinner?”

Mr. Farrell smiled and said, “Ms. Hunt, you know that our young lady’s foundation is not stable. We have to be cautious in everything we do. It’s not suitable to stay for long. I hope you will forgive me.”

Looking at the back of his leaving, his figure was tall and straight, and his steps were steady. If he could gain Kathryn’s trust and let him go for a trip, it could be seen that Kathryn thinks highly of him.

“It’s Kathryn’s confidant.” Serenity said softly.

“It’s not just as simple as a confidant.”

Liberty noticed that Mr. Farrell’s expression was gentle every time he mentioned Kathryn, and he had different feelings for Kathryn.

Serenity smiled, “Sister, don’t tell me if you see through.”

“Kathryn is not here.” Liberty also smiled, “I didn’t expect Kathryn to send me a congratulatory gift, she probably paid close attention to our every move.”

Serenity: “To be precise, she pays attention to every move of you. As the successor of the Farrell family, she is very smart. If my aunt takes us back to fight for power, the person who takes over the Farrell family is none other than you. Sister, you’re her strongest opponent.

Knowing oneself and knowing the enemy, she is always victorious in all battles. She watches every move of you and grasps all her movements. It is very easy to deal with you, sister.”

Liberty didn’t even open the red envelope, stuffed it in After listening to Serenity, she said: “Strictly speaking, she is our cousin. You have never seen her in real life. My aunt and I have seen her. From my point of view, she is a very upright person with upright views. She doesn’t have too much affection for her biological parents. What she pursues is truth and integrity. Otherwise, she wouldn’t take the initiative to come over to the kinship test to see if she was related to my aunt.”

Serenity: “Sister, I believe that she will not become an enemy of you. If… You really become an enemy, You’re not afraid of her.”

Liberty said confidently: “Seren, Your sister is no longer the one who was raped by her husband before. She is a poor woman who has suffered domestic violence.”

Serenity boasted: “My sister is the best!”

Liberty: “Seren, you’re also the best. You go and accompany Zachary and the others, I do not need you.”

Serenity: “Sister, I know you’re accompanied by Mr. Lewis, so you don’t need me anymore, I’ll go, I won’t be a light bulb.”

Serenity deliberately walked away with her mouth pouting.

It made Liberty laugh endlessly.

The Stone Family, the York Family, the Lewis Family, and the Johnson Family all attended the opening of Liberty’s All-You-Can-Eat restaurant. These individuals hold important positions in the business world, yet they came in person to congratulate, which alarmed the Wiltspoon entertainment reporters.

Naturally, All You Can Eats garnered the attention of the city on its first day of opening.

Fortunately, the restaurant’s chef was excellent. Those who had dined here found the food to be exceptionally delicious. Additionally, the service attitude was excellent. Many diners have commented that the restaurant’s service is comparable to that of a five-star hotel.

After a busy day, until late at night, Liberty was able to call it a day and prepare to take her son home.

Where was Sonny?

After finishing her work, Liberty looked for her son and found that her son was hugged by Duncan. Duncan was leaning on the back of the wheelchair, and Sonny was leaning on Duncan’s chest.


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