Married At First Sight Chapter 2897

Married At First Sight Chapter 2897-After a few minutes, Trenton replied to Camryn.

He asked, “Eldest sister, what did my second sister do again? Why didn’t she listen to my advice?”

Trenton was also extremely disappointed with Carrie. He still couldn’t clearly see the situation and couldn’t accept the facts.

Camryn knew how Carrie bullied her in the past and how many things she did to hurt Camryn. Carrie had come out, and Camryn’s revenge on Carrie was already childish.

As long as Carrie had some ambition, she would learn to be self-reliant.

Trenton sighed in his heart. If Carrie learned to be self-reliant, it would rain red.

Carrie’s petty temperament really gave her some power, and she would definitely take revenge on Camryn crazily. The two sisters would fight fiercely, which would be of no benefit to anyone.

Trenton respected Camryn the most, but he had the same father and mother as Carrie, so he couldn’t ignore her.

After thinking about it, Trenton felt that it was better for Carrie to be mediocre. Carrie didn’t need to become great; she just needed to find a job and earn some living expenses a month to support herself.

Don’t blame Trenton for being partial to Camryn; it’s really Carrie who was too bad.

It was also the parents who spoiled Carrie.

Sometimes, Trenton was glad that he liked to follow and help Camryn since he was a child, so his mother sent him to boarding school in anger, and he did not get along with his parents day and night, so his character was not bad.

Trenton would most likely be like Carrie, who was spoiled by her parents, and target Camryn everywhere if not. Then he couldn’t bear Camryn’s slightest retaliation.

“The little money you gave her and the cash she took home were all spent. She went to my mother-in-law’s house and asked her for money. If you want your second sister to be able to be self-reliant, just listen to me and don’t give her too much money. $3000 a month is enough. It’s not enough to live on. She has to find a way to do it. She has a degree, hands, and feet, but she still can’t earn living expenses?”

The rent for the house Carrie rented cost more than $3,000 a month for water and electricity. If she didn’t have the money, she would have to rent a high-end apartment.

Houses in Wiltspoon were so expensive. When buying a house, the house price was high, but when renting a house, the rent was not cheap either.

Trenton silently scolded Carrie in his mind and then replied to Camryn, “Sister, I listen to you, and I will transfer $3,000 to her for living expenses every month from now on.”

Anyway, after his parents transferred the property to his name, he became the master of the family. Only he and Carrie were free in this family, and he had the final say.

It wasn’t Trenton who wanted to separate the family from Camryn; it was Camryn who split it up with him.

Camryn said that she was the eldest daughter of the second wife of the Newman family and the heir to the second wife.

Besides, she also married into the York family and became the second young lady of the York family. So she could clearly distinguish herself from him.

Trenton also understood that Camryn made a clear distinction with him, forcing him to grow. Only by growing continuously could he keep the family property that belonged to him in the future.

Camryn did not reply to Trenton.

Carrie over there didn’t expect that she would listen to Brenda and run to Wildridge Manor to ask Rosella for money. Not only did she not get the money, but because she made rude remarks, Rosella had her mouth shut, dragged her away, and then let her go.

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