Married At First Sight Chapter 2899

Married At First Sight Chapter 2899-At this time, someone came.

Of course, they were the workers from the villa.

They brought two chairs for the two maids to sit on and brought them food.

“Sister Z, Sister L, the second young mistress, said that you have worked hard and asked us to bring you chairs and dinner. You stay here, and I will calculate your day’s wages in one hour.”

Sister Z and Sister L smiled and said, “We don’t have to work hard.”

The two of them worked in the flower fields at the foot of the mountain. They were busy every day and developed their strength. It was easy for them to deal with a delicate little girl like Carrie.

Rosella gave them such a task, and they were very happy. It was much easier than working in the flower field. Unexpectedly, she also gave them a higher salary.

One hour was equivalent to one day’s wages. Carrie’s opposite: it’s best to stay in the stalemate for ten and a half days. Then they could have a good harvest this year when they go home for the New Year.

Rosella also took care of their meals.

Carrie, the girl on the opposite side, was hungry. She had vomited several times, so not being hungry seemed strange.

Although it was neither cold nor hot, the temperature dropped when the sun went down, and Wiltspoon remained a little cold at night.

They wanted to see how long Carrie could hold on. If she has the nerve to come to ask Rosella for money, she must also have the ability to ask for it!

The two people who moved chairs and delivered dinner to Sister Z and Sister L glanced at Carrie opposite and asked Sister Z in a low voice, “Carrie doesn’t mean to leave yet?”

Sister Z opened the lid of the lunch box and saw that the dinner was extremely rich.

Most of the time, they bought food and cooked it themselves. The food wasn’t very good, so they could save money. The villa would pay for their food, but they only ate when they had to, so they didn’t eat as well as their villa coworkers.

Sister Z said, “No, she’s very tough. She said she must take money from our second Mrs. York. She also told the entertainment reporters to come over. You go back and tell Mrs. York to stop those entertainment reporters and ask her to wait here until dark. Sister L, I can’t wait for the entertainment reporters to arrive.”

Sister L said, “I was about to call second Mrs. York to tell her, but you guys came out.”

Sister Z just heard the news from Carrie. Carrie had just made several phone calls and whispered something. No matter how sharp their ears were, they could only hear a few words, which seemed to be mentioned in Wildridge Manor.

They thought Carrie was telling her family that she was now at Wildridge Manor.

They thought about it that Carrie must have informed the entertainment reporter to come over.

“Well, I’ll go in and tell Second Mrs. York now.”

They heard that Carrie was going to invite an entertainment reporter to come over. If it made a big fuss, it would damage Camryn’s reputation. Many people in Wiltspoon were envious and jealous of Camryn. Camryn was blind before, but she received more envy, jealousy, and hatred than Serenity.

Zachary was difficult to get along with because of his cold temper. There were not many women who admired and secretly had a crush on him.

The most famous one was Elisa. Elisa could love and let go. Knowing that Zachary and Serenity were husband and wife, she immediately cut off the relationship with a sword and found a good husband who was fit for her.

Callum was actually more popular than Zachary.

Therefore, after Camryn married Callum, many people were envious, jealous, and resentful. If they had the opportunity to step on Camryn, how could those people let her go?

The two men quickly returned to the villa.

Sister Z and Sister L ate their dinner with gusto, praising how delicious it was while eating, which made Carrie, who was in a stalemate with them, swallow her saliva.

Carrie muttered, “What’s so delicious? The servants’ food is just better than pig food. It’s not as good as the dogs my family raised before.”


The car horn sounded.

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