Married At First Sight Chapter 2901

Married At First Sight Chapter 2901-The other party hung up the phone on Carrie.

Carrie was so angry that she wanted to throw her phone away. She raised it and put it down again. She couldn’t break her phone just because Camryn dropped it.

If they don’t come, they won’t come. There will be times in the future when they will regret it.

Carrie ran to the door of the villa. She was about to yell, but she saw Camryn coming out. Accompanying Camryn was Callum. This man was what Carrie had liked from the beginning. Before anything happened to her parents, her mother had been planning to get her and Callum together.

As a result, Callum became Camryn’s man!

Carrie was envious and jealous, especially after believing that Mr. Labbe had r@ped her and that she was therefore only Mr. Labbe’s mistress. She became even more jealous of Camryn.

“Camryn, you finally came out. I thought you didn’t dare to come out!” Carrie shouted, “Give me money; I don’t have any money to eat. You occupied my family’s property and instigated Trenton to convince my parents to transfer all the property to his name. You just wanted to get all the Newman family’s property through Trenton. You think I don’t know your plan? That idiot, Trenton!”

Carrie scolded Trenton.

Trenton did think about transferring all the property that his parents had transferred to him to Camryn and letting her take care of it.

Camryn refused; she only took back what belonged to her.

It was not hers, and she wouldn’t take it.

After taking away what belonged to her, the family property that Trenton received was actually not much. They all said that the main artery of the Newman family was now in Camryn’s hands.

“You have no money to eat. For the sake of the same mother, I can’t let you starve to death. I have prepared some money for you, but you need to count it yourself. Butler, give her the money. When she gets the money, let her go.” Camryn said.

Only then did Carrie see the butler of Wildridge Manor coming out with the young couple.

The butler was holding a black plastic bag in his hand. The mouth of the bag was knotted. He didn’t know what was inside. It seemed that he had no difficulty holding it. It seemed that it wasn’t anything valuable.

The butler took a few steps forward, handed the black plastic bag to Carrie, and said, “This is the meal money the Second Young Mistress gave you. Take the money and leave quickly. If you don’t leave, I’ll have someone come to you again and put the smelly socks in your mouth!”

Carrie couldn’t believe that the bag contained money.

Camryn was so generous and gave her a big bag of money?

She took the black bag and untied the knot with the mentality of seeking confirmation. She opened the bag and took a look twice. They were really money. She immediately reopened the bag. Knot the bag.

Taking the big bag of money, she said to Camryn, “You know what’s going on; otherwise, I’ll come to your husband’s house every day to make trouble. Anyway, I’m not afraid of embarrassment.”

After saying that, Carrie walked away triumphantly.

Returning to her car, she quickly drove away.

The proud Carrie thought she had won. When she returned to her rental house, she couldn’t wait to open the bag again and pour all the money in the bag on the coffee table.

She was dumbfounded.

That big bag of money was all loose money, with very small denominations. They were all fifty-cent and one-cent denominations. There were also many coins. The coins were also ten cents and fifty cents. That was all she saw. Those $100 bills were the largest denominations.

The money in $100 denominations, a total of $300, was used to cover up the loose money underneath and deceive her.

She glanced at it twice without taking a closer look. After confirming that it was money, she walked away triumphantly, thinking that Camryn was finally afraid of her.

Camryn had already told her to count the money by herself. There were so many dimes; even if she finished counting them, there wouldn’t be much left.

How could she have the nerve to shell out a lot of dimes when she went out to spend money?

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