Married At First Sight Chapter 2903

Married At First Sight Chapter 2903-Callum said, “In my opinion, I won’t give her a penny.”

Camryn said, “She is not engaged in childbirth and spends money like water. Maybe she really has no money. Just give her a few hundred dollars to keep her from starving to death. You can’t let her starve to death all at once. You want her to live well. See how I get better and better and become happier and happier.

She envies and hates me because she once thought about marrying you. Before I met you, I heard my mother analyze with her which young master of the York family would be more suitable for her to marry. After analyzing, she finally locked on you. She is young, energetic, and spoiled. My mother has set her sights on you, so she thinks she can marry you and become the second young wife of the York family. Her heart is easily devoted to you. So, she hates me very much now.”

Camryn added, “The more she hates me, the more I want her to live well and watch me marry the man she wanted to marry before. With your love and affection, I live a happy life now.”

Revenge against a person is not to end her life with a knife, but to make her lose everything she values most little by little. This kind of revenge is the most painful thing.

Callum held her hand tightly and said, “Honey, I only love you; you are the only one in my eyes and in my heart!”

Camryn looked at him and smiled. “I’m not jealous, let alone doubt your feelings for me.”

Callum silently sacrificed a lot for Camryn and did many things for her.

Camryn was able to see the light again because of Callum’s affectionate treatment. In order to ask Dr. Carden to help her treat her eyes, he went to FC Manor countless times and suffered many looks from Tim.

Callum said, “I just want to express my love and tell you that I love you and I will only love you. The men in my York family are very dedicated in their relationships and are loyal to their family and marriage.”

Camryn said, “I know that your family has a very good family tradition, so my aunt Evelyn is very satisfied with you; even Trenton is very satisfied.”

Camryn said, leaning her head on Callum’s shoulder, and Callum put his arms around her, but soon she left his shoulder because walking like that was not very comfortable.

“Are you tired? How about we go there and sit for a while?” Callum pointed to a pavilion not far away and asked his wife.

Camryn said, “I just finished eating. I don’t want to sit down. I just want to walk around to digest my food. I’m so full. The food was delicious, and the soup was delicious. I wish I could turn into a pig so that I can eat more.”

Callum said, “Be careful not to burst your stomach. It’s not like you can only eat one meal. This is your home. You can come back and eat every day.”

Camryn said, “My parents looked at me eating with smiles. I just wanted to eat more. Eat more to make them happy.”

Callum lightly scratched her nose and said, “My parents are like that. From now on, even if they smile, if you can’t eat that much, don’t eat it. Hold on; you will be the one who feels uncomfortable. My parents care about you very much now. You are their eldest daughter-in-law, so your status is different.”

Although he was not the eldest grandson in this big family, he was the eldest son of his parents.

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