Married At First Sight Chapter 2904

Married At First Sight Chapter 2904-The eldest son, Zachary, was always the most favored.

“My parents are so good to me. I really want to have a child as soon as possible. It can be seen that they like children very much and want to have grandchildren.” Camryn said that and touched her belly again.

Because she knew that she would not get pregnant easily, Callum was particularly effective at night.

If she were a normal woman, with Callum’s hard work, she would probably be like Jasmine and get pregnant within one month of marriage.

Callum said, “Don’t worry, we are still young, and the wedding hasn’t been held yet. Let’s take care of our health first. Let’s live alone for a few years and let them envy us.”

Callum was really not in a hurry to have a baby. Even if Camryn’s health was fine, he didn’t plan to have a baby too early. He would consider having a baby one year after marriage at the earliest.

Camryn said, “Honey, I’m not afraid of what you say about me. In fact, children are not fun. You think other people’s children are adorable, but if entrusted with their care, you would lose your mind and weep 800 times per day. Not all children are like Sonny. Sonny is so sensible and obedient.”

Callum said, “Sonny is such a sensible child. I heard from my sister-in-law that it was very difficult to take care of him in the past. He often cried and had to be carried around at night before he would go to sleep. When he fell asleep, he would lie down on the bed and wake up again soon after. Come on, it will take an adult to hold him and coax him back and forth before he falls asleep. My sister-in-law said that when she took care of Sister Liberty during confinement, she lost nearly ten pounds. This shows how hard it is to raise a baby.

It’s okay for a family like ours. The elders are free, and there are nannies to help. But after having a child, a mother can’t help but take care of it by herself and cultivate relationships. Even if it’s her own child, relationships must be cultivated. Anyway, raising a baby is tiring. Let’s have enough fun and have another baby.”

Camryn first looked at him and said, “You make it sound like you have taken care of a child. I’m afraid you’ve never even seen anyone take care of a child.”

Callum said, “Why haven’t I done so? I have done so. Rowan is more than ten years younger than me. When he was born, our oldest brothers all carried him. He was really cute when he was a baby. When he cried non-stop, I really wanted to throw him in the trash can. Rowan was afraid of his eldest brother. When he cried endlessly, we couldn’t coax him. When the eldest brother came back, we handed him over to the eldest brother. He stopped crying soon. He rolled on the ground, and no one could wake him up. When it was said that the eldest brother was back, he got up as soon as he could and threw himself into his mother’s arms.”

Camryn smiled. “Now Rowan is also afraid of his eldest brother.”

Callum said, “It’s much better now. I have my sister-in-law. Rowan hugged my sister-in-law’s thigh tightly. When my eldest brother and sister-in-law just received the certificate, my eldest brother still concealed his identity. When I met my sister-in-law for the first time, Rowan hugged my sister-in-law’s thick thigh tightly. Now if the eldest brother dares to glare at him, he will call his sister-in-law.”

Camryn said, “Sister Serenity will give him a lot of test questions.”

Callum laughed heartily. “It is better for my sister-in-law to give him the test questions alone than for all eight of us brothers to give them to him. The school is on holiday, and he would rather go to his grandma’s house than come back because he is afraid that once he comes back, we will all send him a set of test questions to study. I don’t know why, but I just feel uncomfortable when I see him looking so leisurely. I always buy him a few sets of test questions and ask him to finish them in a certain number of days. It makes me happy to see him doing the questions every day until midnight.”

Rowan: Second brother, you are too cruel!

Camryn said, “With brothers like you, no wonder Rowan likes to stay at his grandma’s house during the holidays.”

Callum said with evil intentions: “Winter vacation is coming soon. I am going to send him a few sets of test questions as a New Year gift. Even if he lives at his grandma’s house, I will send them to him personally. High school students just have to work hard.”

Camryn said to him, “Okay, he was forced by the school and finally came home for the holidays. You guys, please let him go and let him relax and relieve the stress.”

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