Married At First Sight Chapter 2906

Married At First Sight Chapter 2906-Matthias changed his position, patted his side, and motioned for Callum to sit next to him.

Callum sat down, looked at the big brocade box in front of Rosella, and asked Matthias softly, “Dad, what did my mother buy for my wife?”

Matthias said, “There is a set of jewelry in her trousseau. It is a piece of retro-style jewelry. Your mother wore it when she was young and then kept it. I took it out tonight when I thought about it. That set of jewelry is very suitable for your wife. She is tall and slim. She is naturally noble and can hold up that set of jewelry.”

Callum smiled: “I have already given several sets of jewelry to Camryn in my mother’s trousseau. I am still giving them away. I have two younger brothers, and my mother will have two daughters-in-law in the future.”

Of course Callum was happy when Rosella gave something nice to Camryn, but he also wanted to leave some for his two future sisters-in-law, lest they say that his mother is partial and is not conducive to the harmonious development of the family.

Callum also felt that Camryn had no shortage of jewelry. She couldn’t finish wearing all the jewelry he gave her.

Matthias said, “Your mother and your aunts all have their own small jewelry storehouse. It’s not like you don’t know that there are many more in the jewelry storehouse. When your mother married me before, the dowry was real. There are so many red makeups filling the room.

You are the eldest son, and Camryn is the eldest daughter-in-law. The first daughter-in-law is the one your mother loves the most. She has already stated that the three daughters-in-law will inherit her jewelry in the future. It is normal for the eldest daughter-in-law to inherit more.

Your two future sisters-in-law shouldn’t mind. Your grandma always looks at character when choosing her granddaughter-in-law. If she is petty and careless, your grandma will definitely look down on her. Don’t worry.”

Callum curled his lips and said in a low voice, “Dad, don’t you think my mother has stolen my limelight? She always gives so much jewelry to my wife. My wife is also filial. She always wears what my mother gives me. Yes, that would take up my position, and all the jewelry I gave her would be buried in dust.”

Matthias smiled. “You go complain to your mother. It’s useless to complain to me. Everyone in Wiltspoon knows that I, Matthias, am a strict henpecker.”

Callum: “…”

Why did he feel so proud when his dad said he was a strict wife?

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law opposite, who were as good as mother and daughter, did not pay attention to the conversation between dad and son.

Rosella put the brocade box in front of Camryn and said to her daughter-in-law, “Camryn, this set of jewelry doesn’t look good on me now. I’m old and can’t afford the luxury of this set of jewelry. You are still young, and your appearance and temperament are all very good. I think it will suit you very well. I’ve given it to you. I’m going to attend a banquet in two days. It’s all those noble ladies. I want to take you with me. Just in time, you will stun them with this set of jewelry. By the way, are you free in the next two days?”

Camryn said she wanted to bring her daughter-in-law to the banquet, and then she remembered to ask her daughter-in-law if she was free. But the daughter-in-law also managed a lot of business.

Camryn smiled and said, “Mom wants to take me to the banquet. I’ll be free anytime.”

She had not yet appeared with her mother-in-law. It wasn’t long before she and Callum got their marriage certificates.

When she was unmarried, she couldn’t see. Even if Rosella was willing to take her and take care of her, she didn’t want to go with her. She was afraid that being a blind woman would become the focus of other people’s jokes and affect her mother-in-law’s mood.

“Mom, I want to go too.” As soon as Callum heard that Rosella was going to bring Camryn to the banquet, he immediately said, “I’ll be free in two days.”

He was worried about Camryn. Even if he knew that Rosella could protect Camryn, he didn’t feel at ease. He had to follow her to feel at ease.

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