Married At First Sight Chapter 2980

Married At First Sight Chapter 2980-Serenity: “…”

“The alcohol doesn’t smell too much. When I’m asleep, I won’t wake up, even if there’s thunder. You don’t have to spend the night in the study.”

Serenity took his hand, covering her belly, and said to him,.

“I took a shower, drank two glasses of warm water, and ate two pieces of chewing gum to get rid of some of the alcohol smell.”

After a pause, Zachary added, “Tatum said I smell like alcohol.”

Serenity whispered something to her brother-in-law.

Tatum: He is telling the truth.

As long as the eldest brother spoke, Tatum could smell the smell of alcohol. The smell of alcohol was very strong. Furthermore, the eldest brother himself said that the smell of alcohol would smell like smoke to his sister-in-law.

“Tatum is waiting for you; are you waiting?” Serenity asked.

Zachary said, “He said he was going to Annenburg in Province X, and the Ormond family was looking for a chef, and he was going to apply. Seren, the one grandma has chosen for Tatum is Elora, the eldest daughter of the Ormond family.”

“I know. As soon as mom told me about this, I guessed that grandma had chosen the person for Tatum.”

Zachary smiled. “My wife is smart.”

Serenity: “I’ve never been stupid.”

Zachary: “That’s right, my wife has always been smart.”

If it’s stupid, he won’t look down on it.

“The people grandma picked for them were all pretty far away.”

In other words, she and Camryn were from Wiltspoon.

Zachary thought for a while and said, “In this way, grandma still loves me and Callum the most. The ones she picked for us are all from Wiltspoon.”

As he spoke, he smacked Serenity’s lips a few more times.

He really wanted to take his beloved wife to bed.

For the sake of the baby, he tried his best to hold back.

“Where are the four and five from?”

“I don’t know. They didn’t tell me. Anyway, they are not from Wiltspoon. I didn’t see that neither of them was in Wiltspoon recently.”

Zachary hugged Serenity and walked out.

He sent Serenity back to the room and said warmly, “Seren, it’s still early before dawn. You can sleep a little longer. They will take care of their affairs. If they don’t ask us for help, we will pretend they don’t know and wait. They brought their wives back and called us brother and sister-in-law.”

Serenity smiled and said, “I don’t worry about them. Grandma has to worry about them, so I don’t worry about that.”

Taking things away from grandma, when grandma is bored, her grandsons will have a hard time.

Grandma May liked to take care of her grandchildren.

Grandma May’s grandson also included Zachary. How could Serenity be willing to let her grandma deal with Zachary?

Didn’t they see why the elders didn’t take away Grandma’s work? They just sat and waited for their daughter-in-law to come in.

Except for a few young ones, their parents had already prepared the betrothal gifts that others would use in the future.

As long as the son said that he could propose marriage to someone else’s cabbage, they could accompany their son and bring generous betrothal gifts to the woman in a mighty manner.

“That’s right, grandma has to worry about it, so let her worry about it.” Zachary hugged Serenity into the bedroom, and the couple sat down on the bed.

“You continue to sleep; I will go back to the study.” 

Serenity looked at him.

Zachary whispered something in her ear.

Serenity: “Actually, it’s okay if you are careful. We have been waiting for this child for a year, and I don’t allow any mistakes.”

“I just drank a little and am easily impulsive. But if we sleep in separate rooms, it’ll be fine.” As Zachary spoke, he kissed Serenity on the cheek.

He nibbled her earlobe again, causing her body to tremble slightly.

Serenity pushed him away.

Zachary said funnyly, “I’m afraid of being impulsive and want to tease you.”

Did he think she wouldn’t catch fire?

Zachary was stunned for a moment, then smiled lowly, reached out, and touched her face gently. “Honey, just wait a few more months.”

Serenity took his hand away, then pulled him up and pushed him to the door of the room. “Go to the study and sleep in your bed.”

So that everyone didn’t feel uncomfortable.

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