Married At First Sight Chapter 2987

Married At First Sight Chapter 2987-“Auntie, Uncle Lewis.” Sonny came out. When he saw Serenity and Duncan from a distance, he immediately broke away from the teacher’s hand and ran quickly with his small schoolbag on his back.

The teacher was startled, quickly picked up the pace, and chased him out.

“Sonny, don’t run so fast; be careful of falling.” Serenity took a few steps forward and shouted.

In the blink of an eye, Sonny ran out and ran to Serenity.

Serenity knelt down and hugged him, and he quickly struggled to the ground.

“My aunt has a little baby in her belly. When it grows up, if my aunt hugs my little brother, I will crush him.”

Sonny would sometimes touch her aunt’s belly. He said hello to the little brother in Serenity’s belly.

He also asked why the little brother was not the little sister. It’s a pity that the younger brother hasn’t responded to him yet.

Serenity told him that in a month, when he greeted his little brother, he would move a few times.

At that time, the fetal movements were obvious.

Serenity smiled and said, “It’s okay; Sonny is not heavy; he can’t suppress his little brother.”

Everyone was worried that Sonny would move around and accidentally kick her in the stomach, so they tried their best to prevent her from hugging Sonny.

Sonny was also sensible. Liberty told him not to let Serenity hug him again, and he remembered it.

Serenity gave him a hug because he was just too happy to hold it back.

“Uncle Lewis.” Sonny happily jumped in front of Duncan.

He climbed up onto Duncan’s lap unceremoniously, put his arms around Duncan’s neck, and cried sweetly: “Uncle Lewis, I miss you so much.”

Duncan smiled and said, “Uncle Lewis also misses Sonny.”

He hugged Sonny and felt completely soft.

“I didn’t see Uncle Lewis yesterday. As my uncle said, not seeing each other for a day is like separation.” Sonny suddenly couldn’t remember what his uncle said or what was behind it.

Duncan smiled and answered, “One day without seeing you is like three autumns.”

Sonny said, “Yes, yes, that’s it. Uncle Lewis, one day without you is like three autumns.”

Duncan grinned.

Serenity stood aside and looked at Sonny and Duncan with a smile.

It was more affectionate than father and son.

People who didn’t know would definitely think that they were father and son.

Carrie hadn’t left yet. She would never have a sister-in-law at all, and standing here was just pretending. When she heard Sonny say that Serenity was carrying Sonny’s little cousin, she felt extremely jealous.

Serenity was too lucky that she was pregnant.

The weather was a bit cold, and Serenity was wearing a thick coat. No one with experience could tell that she was pregnant.

Carrie curled her lips when Sonny and Duncan were so close.

Both Serenity and Liberty were capable.

One firmly held Zachary’s heart, and the other mother and son joined forces to firmly hold Duncan.

Duncan had never seen a woman in his lifetime. He didn’t want any of the young and beautiful unmarried girls, but he wanted Liberty, a divorced woman.

She remembered that Liberty was chubby and ugly. She heard that Liberty had lost a lot of weight and looked much more beautiful. But Duncan had fallen in love with Liberty a long time ago, which meant that Duncan had a crush on Liberty when she was chubby.

Could it be that Duncan liked fat women who were fleshy in his arms?

“Auntie, have you brought my suitcase?” Sonny turned around and asked Serenity.

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