Married At First Sight Chapter 2988

Married At First Sight Chapter 2988-Serenity smiled and said, “Bring it with us; don’t worry, I won’t let you run away again. In order to save time, your Uncle Lewis came to pick you up from kindergarten. Come on, your mother is waiting for you two in Jensburg.”

Sonny happily said to Duncan, “Uncle Lewis, let’s go quickly; don’t keep my mother waiting.”

Duncan hugged Sonny, let him sit on his lap, and responded with a smile: “Okay, let’s set off now.”

He motioned to the bodyguard to push him away.

The private plane should not be parked in front of the kindergarten, and he had to take Sonny to the airport.

“Sonny, are you hungry?” Duncan asked.

Sonny said, “Have snacks in the kindergarten.”

During lunch break, the kindergarten would provide snacks for the children.

Sonny knew that he was going on a long trip, so he ate a lot of snacks. His stomach was full, and he was not hungry at all.

Duncan smiled and said, “If you’re hungry, eat something in the car or on the plane. We won’t eat anymore. Go over and have dinner with your mom.”


Duncan prepared a lot of food and drink to avoid starving Sonny.

Serenity also prepared food and drink for the two of them. She first went to her car to get Sonny’s small suitcase, pulled it over, and gave it to the bodyguard.

“Serenity, Sonny, take my car; you don’t have to take us to the airport anymore.” Duncan said. “It takes time to go back and forth. You can rest assured. I guarantee that Sonny will not lose a hair.”

Serenity smiled and said, “I’m not worried. That’s fine. You two go to the airport by yourself, and I won’t send you off. Sonny, remember to send a message to your aunt after you see your mom.”

Sonny waved to Serenity and said goodbye: “I will miss my aunt, uncle, aunt Johnson, my cousin, and the others.”

Duncan joked, “Sonny, there are so many people; can you even think of coming here?”

Everyone laughed.

Sonny said seriously, “I can think of many people in one day; I can handle it.”

“Sonny.” Hank’s voice suddenly came.

Everyone looked over.

They saw Hank walking over with a candied hawk in his hand.

He must have just arrived.

Sonny, who was about to get in the car, saw his biological father coming, stopped getting in the car, and slipped off Duncan’s lap.

His dad, Hank, didn’t like seeing him sitting on Uncle Lewis’s lap. He said that Uncle Lewis was not really nice to him but just wanted to please his mom.

His dad, Hank, was really lying.

Uncle Lewis was really kind to him.

He was no longer a three-year-old child; he was over three years old, and his dad, Hank, couldn’t lie to him.

However, Hank didn’t like him and Duncan being too affectionate. In front of Hank, Sonny stopped sitting on Duncan’s lap to prevent Hank from saying bad things about Duncan again.

When Hank came closer, Sonny called him Daddy.


Hank responded loudly to Sonny.

He glanced at Duncan, as if to say that no matter how good Duncan was to Sonny, Sonny was still his son.

Hank handed the candied haws to Sonny and said, “Sonny, dad bought you candied haws.”

Sonny didn’t like this food, but Hank bought it for him, so he reached out to take it and thanked Hank.

Hank then greeted Serenity and Duncan. After saying hello, he said to Serenity, “Serenity, this week, I want to take Sonny to live with me for two days. My parents miss their grandson.”

Without waiting for Serenity to answer, Sonny refused. He said, “Dad, I want to go find my mother with Uncle Lewis. I won’t live with you.”

He was going to find his mom. He lived in his dad’s home for two years, but it was later renovated, and it was completely different.

The main thing was that when he went to Hank’s house, his grandpa always looked at him and sighed. Grandma taught Sonny to go home and tell his mom to remarry Hank.

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