Married At First Sight Chapter 2989

Married At First Sight Chapter 2989-Sonny was still young and didn’t understand what remarriage meant. His grandma said she wanted dad and mom to live together again.

Sonny himself shook his head like a rattle. He said that he liked living with Liberty and did not want to live with Hank.

He also said that there would always be brother Lucas in Hank’s house, and Lucas liked to snatch his toys.

The grandparents would no longer help Brother Lucas, but Chelsea would say that he was so rich and had so many toys, but he would not give them to Lucas to play with, that he was stingy, and so on.

Chelsea also secretly asked Sonny to give her money.

Sonny said he had no money, but Liberty had saved all his money for him.

Chelsea also said that he was stupid and didn’t know that he was holding the money. She also said that the money belonged to him, so why did he let his mother keep it for him?

Sonny disliked Chelsea less and less.

The Brown family would never bother Liberty again. When they wanted to see Sonny, they would ask Liberty to send Sonny over, or the Brown family would go directly to the kindergarten gate to pick up Sonny and then call Liberty.

That’s because Liberty’s consent was needed before they could pick up Sonny from kindergarten.

If Liberty didn’t agree, even if Hank, his biological father, went to pick him up, he wouldn’t be able to pick him up.

Who knew that the Brown family had kidnapped Sonny and wanted to hide the child from Liberty?

The Brown family just couldn’t stop eating sh*t, especially Chelsea and Mrs. Brown. The mother and daughter would try to commit suicide from time to time, but they just didn’t dare to commit suicide in front of Liberty.

Sonny was a smart child. He knew that the people in his dad’s family were not good, so he naturally didn’t like going to his dad’s house.

Unless his dad was not at work and stayed with him all day,.

That way, his grandparents and Chelsea wouldn’t talk nonsense in front of him, but Hank would say bad things about Uncle Lewis in front of him.

Serenity also said: “Mr. Brown, this week, Sonny is going to Jensburg to find his mom, and he can’t stay with you for two days.”

Hank smiled sarcastically and said, “Oh, okay, then, let’s do it next week. Next Friday, I’ll come to pick Sonny up from kindergarten.”

Serenity said, “You need to ask my sister. My sister agrees, and if Sonny is willing, you can come and pick Sonny up to stay for two days, and you will send Sonny back on Sunday afternoon.”

Serenity will arrange for someone to pick up Sonny from the Brown family on Sunday even if the Brown family picks him up for the weekend.

Hank sneered again, “I know.”

He looked at Duncan again and finally couldn’t help but ask, “Why is Mr. Lewis going to Jensburg?”

Did he go specifically to see Liberty and spend the weekend with her?

Hank knew that he was no longer qualified to care about Liberty’s affairs. He and Jessica had not divorced yet. Liberty was free to marry again.

He just couldn’t help but ask a few questions.

Duncan responded coldly, “Mr. Brown, do I need to tell you what I am going to do? I am a businessman, and my business is spread across major cities.”

Hank choked.

Yes, Duncan was the boss of Lewis & Co., with tens of billions of assets and businesses all over major cities. Even if he loses his appearance, loses his legs, and gets a little older, he is still a hundred times stronger than Hank.

Duncan’s wealth was something that Hank would never be able to possess in his life.

Soon, Hank sneered again, “Then Sonny will ask Mr. Lewis to take care of him.”

“You don’t need to ask me; I will take good care of Sonny.” Duncan hugged Sonny again, let Sonny sit on his lap, kissed Sonny’s little face, and said, “I regard Sonny as my own son.”

These words were like a knife, piercing Hank’s heart, making him sore and painful but speechless.

“Uncle Lewis, let’s go.” Sonny was afraid that his dad would take him away, so he urged Duncan to get in the car.

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