The Divine Urban Physician – Chapter 502

Chapter 502: Big Brother

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At the same time, at the headquarters of the Dark Hall.

Jiang Rong had been here for many days, but there was no news of Ye Chen or

Ye Tianzheng.

She had a bad premonition.

Did something happen to them?

Jiang Rong let out a breath of turbid air. After so many days, she had already reached the qi transformation realm. Her talent and cultivation speed could be said to be heaven-defying, even in the Kunlun Mountains.

She opened the door to the cultivation room and dialed Ye Chen’s number again. No one picked up.

“Is there anything I can help with?” Ye Lingtian walked over and asked respectfully. Jiang Ron was someone he had to serve carefully and attentively, lest he incur the Hall Master’s ire.

“Ye Lingtian, where did Little Chen go? Before he left, he said that he was going to pick up his father, but it shouldn’t take that long. Tell me the truth. Did something happen?”

Ye Lingtian quickly shook his head.

“I really don’t know where the Hall Master went. He might have been delayed

by some matters, and might be back in a few days.”

Jiang Rong knew that she would not get any useful information from him, so she walked out.

“I want to go out for a walk.”

“The Hall Master has instructed that you cannot go out before he returns. I

have to guarantee your safety…”

Ye Lingtian’s voice even carried a hint of pleading.

“If you’re worried, just follow me. I’ve been inside here for too long. I need to go outside for some fresh air.” Jiang Rongrong frowned.

Ye Lingtian wanted to say something, but he swallowed the words that were on the tip of his tongue. Jiang Rong headed out of the Dark Hall and dialed Jiang

Jianfeng’s number.

“Well meet at the same place. I have something to ask you.

in Jiang Rong’s eyes, the only one who could get her the information she wanted was Jiang Jianfeng.

Half an hour later, in a teahouse, the brother and sister met.

Without even serving tea, Jiang Rong said directly, “Second Brother, tell me

where Little Chen and Tianzheng went.”

Jiang Jianfeng glanced at Jiang Rong, his pupils narrowing slightly.

“Sis, you’ve actually reached the qi transformation realm? How many days has it been?”

His heart was in turmoil. He knew that his sister was talented, but seeing her progress in person was mind-blowing.

Was this family full of freaks?

Why did he not inherit this heaven-defying talent?

“That’s not important. I just want to know about my husband and child.” Jiang Jianfeng regained his composure and thought for a few seconds before saying, “Sis, as far as I know, Ye Chen went to Xiangjiang. Xiangjiang’s guardian, Fang Zhenye, kidnapped brother-in-law. Ye Chen should have gone there to take revenge.”

“However, the situation there is uncertain. I’ve sent people to observe the situation in Xiangjiang City. The result should be out today, but they haven’t

updated me yet.”

Jiang Rong’s eyes narrowed when she heard the word ‘guardian.’

She knew very well how strong these guardians were. Little Chen was going to fight them alone in order to save Tianzheng?

Was he crazy?

She finally understood why Ye Chen did not tell her the truth. If he had told her, she would have never agreed to let him go!

“Arrange a plane to Xiangjiang for me, now! Immediately!”

Jiang Jianfeng had no intention of complying. Instead, he said, “Sis, please be rational. Ye Chen is already facing an uphill battle. You’ll only cause trouble if you go. The guardians are experts that stand at the peak of Huaxia’s martial arts world.”

“I definitely won’t allow you to go to Xiangjiang City. Besides, I have another important thing to tell you.”

Jiang Rong’s eyes narrowed as she asked, “What is it?

Jiang Jianfeng carefully looked around. When he saw that there was no one nearby, he said softly, “I’ve just received news that Big Brother is coming back. Not only that, the annual sect selection is about to begin. With your cultivation base and talent, you’ll definitely be selected. After that, you’ll definitely develop to become a true expert in the Kunlun Mountains. Only then will you have the ability to protect Ye Chen and your husband!”

Jiang Rong had no interest in the sect selection. However, her eyes were filled with excitement at the return of her brother!

Big Brother was the person who doted on her the most. After so many years, he was finally back!

How could she not be excited?

It was said that the experts who came out of the Kunlun Mountains were all terrifying existences!

However, when she thought about where her child and her husband were, she shook her head.

■’I’m no longer a member of the Jiang family. Everything has nothing to do with me now.”

When Jiang Jianfeng heard this, he quickly took out a letter and handed it to Jiang Rong.

-Sis this is the old man’s apology letter. In fact, the old man has already realized his mistake. These few nights, he has been immersed in regret and self-blame!”

“Perhaps it’s too late to change now, and in your eyes, he might even be considered a fence-sitter, but I can feel the old man’s sincerity. He said that no matter what, you, Ye Tianzheng, and Ye Chen can rejoin the Jiang family at any


“If anyone dares to touch you, the Jiang family will stand up without hesitation. This is his attitude.”

Jiang Rong’s heart was moved. After all, blood was thicker than water, and the blood of the Jiang family flowed in her body.

Of course, all of this was thanks to Ye Chen. Were it not for Ye Chen, the old man would not have changed so much.

“Forget it. I’ll discuss this matter with Little Chen first.”

Jiang Rong pushed the letter back.

Jiang Jianfeng narrowed his eyes and was about to say something when a burly middle-aged man walked in.

The middle-aged man’s body was overflowing with a powerful aura. His strength was extraordinary!

“Jiang Rong! Jianfeng!”

Hearing this voice, Jiang Rong and Jiang Jianfeng turned to look at the burly man, after which their expressions turned incredulous.

Jiang Wentian, who had stepped into the Kunlun Mountains, had returned!

“Big brother!”

The two of them said in unison and stood up..

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