Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1319 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1319

Duncan did not like his mother setting him up with girls, but he had to admit that Lily’s words were reasonable.

“After talking about it, I think we share similar views, and you also think I’m excellent. Why don’t we give it a try? If you still can’t fall in love with me, I won’t continue to pester you.”

It was not like Lily had no other suitors.

Duncan was silent.

“Do you have someone you like, Duncan?”


Duncan denied that he had someone he liked, but the image of that once–fat figure gradually slimming down flittered in his mind.

He adamantly denied to Zachary and the others that he had any feelings for Liberty.

Why did he suddenly think of her now?

He liked Sonny, not Sonny’s mom.

Duncan snapped back to his senses and hurriedly waved Liberty’s figure out of his mind, not daring to think about her again.

Lily smiled. “Since you don’t have anyone you like, let’s give it a try. If you have someone you like, tell me who she is and I’ll see how I’m inferior to her. I’ll try fighting for you. If I can’t win, I’ll give up.”

She would try her best no matter what she did. If she lost even after trying, she would admit defeat.

There was no shame in admitting defeat since it was like letting herself go. If she refused to admit defeat and stubbornly pestered him, she would be the one getting hurt. It was the same as harming herself.

Duncan said, “I’m too busy to date.”

“It won’t take much of your time. We’ll just go out for meals together, take walks, go on a road trip during the weekends, or watch movies when we’re free.”

Duncan was speechless.

“Since you don’t plan on meeting me halfway, I’ll run to you first.”

Lily was formally telling Duncan that she wanted to pursue him.

Duncan looked at this brave girl. Her efficient and firm attitude ticked his boxes, but he could not bring himself to agree with her. He always felt that she was not the person he wanted.

“We all have the freedom to like the person we want to like. You can do whatever you want, Ms. Harmon, but don’t go home crying to your family and get your elders to teach me a lesson if you get hurt.”

Duncan felt that he would not accept Lily’s feelings, so he said those unpleasant words bluntly. He wanted Lily to be mentally prepared to lose and not to think about using their parents to pressure him.

The person who could pressure him was no longer alive.

Lily smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m not that kind of person.”

Duncan stood up and asked, “Do you still want to stroll? Let’s go one more lap before going back to the house for a rest. We have a banquet to attend tonight.”

Duncan did not intend to accompany his mother to the banquet, but since he was urged to come home, he had no choice but to accompany his mother and Lily to show up together.

However, he would not admit that Lily was his girlfriend.

They were not together yet.

He wondered if Liberty–No, not Liberty. He wondered if Sonny would follow the adults to the banquet today.

Time passed quickly, and evening soon arrived.

Serenity asked her sister again and gave up when Liberty refused firmly. She finally gave up o persuading her sister to come to the banquet.

In Zachary’s hilltop villa, he selected a beautiful but somewhat conservative dress from the wardrobe and handed it to Serenity.

“I told you that Liberty wouldn’t want to go.”

After handing her the gown, he said gently, “You don’t have to be too anxious to pull Liberty in the circle. Just let nature take its course.”


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