Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 482 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 482

Zachary said stubbornly, “No!”



Serenity straightened her back and said with a regretful expression, “I was thinking that if you didn‘t want me to leave, I could tell Mrs. Lane to stay at my sister‘s house while I accompany you. Since you don‘t need it, I‘d better go keep my sister company.

“The weather is getting colder. It sure feels like winter is approaching. I always feel uncomfortable sleeping alone during this time.” Serenity sighed.

Zachary was speechless.

‘Is she implying that if I said I didn‘t want her to leave, she would hug the pillow and quilt and hog my bed?

Serenity was still carrying a regretful look. She reached out and patted his face twice, before trailing her finger down to his neck, and finally rubbing his chest. When Zachary‘s eyes deepened and he stared intently at her, she withdrew her wandering hand.

“I‘m hungry. Let‘s eat. I want to see if the dishes my husband cooked for me are any good.”

Serenity was done teasing him and left.

She walked past Zachary.

He turned around at once and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind.

“Do you think you can leave after teasing me?”

He teased with his husky voice with his hands around her waist like an iron grip. She could not break free from him even though she practiced kickboxing,

“Loosen up,” Serenity said as she could not pry his hands away.

Zachary planted a kiss on her cheek before he loosened his grip. She turned around while in his embrace and looked up. Her pretty face was flushed from the teasing, and her beautiful eyes twinked like stars in the dark night.

In Zachary‘s eyes, she looked incredibly seductive at that moment.

“Serenity.” “I like it when you call me Seren.”

“You often call me Mr. York,” Zachary said that with a bit of grievance.

She did not address him intimately.

“I‘m already calling you Zachary. How about I call you Zacky instead?”

Zachary was silent briefly before saying, “You can just call me Zachary.”

Zacky. Geez, I have goosebumps just hearing that name.‘


Serenity already knew that he would not let her call him Zacky.

Zachary was a little aggravated. When she got carried away laughing, he sealed her lips with his.

After the kiss, he said in her ear hoarsely, “Stay home tonight.”


“Didn‘t you say it‘s cold and you‘re uncomfortable when sleeping alone? I‘ll let you use my warmth.”

Zachary‘s handsome face blushed inexplicably when those words left his lips.

Serenity was amazed.

The way he looked when he blushed was just too adorable!

“I haven‘t figured out if what I feel for you is gratitude or affection.”

Zachary glared at her and gritted her teeth. “You‘re really good at raining on other people’s parades!”

“Thanks for the compliment!”

As she said that, Serenity’s stomach was heard growling.

“I‘m hungry, Zachary. Let‘s eat.”

Zachary did not let her go.

“Be good, Zacky. Let‘s go out and eat.”

Zachary raised his chin.

What an arrogant guy.

Helpless, Serenity tiptoed and kissed him on the lips. She then laughed and said, “I surrender. I admit defeat. Zachary York, you‘re the best man in the world.”

“I‘ll only be the best man in your heart.”

He softened and let her go.

After regaining freedom, she immediately took his warm and large hand and pulled him out.

She casually responded, “You‘re already the best man in my heart for now.” No one knew if anyone would beat him in the future.


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