Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 483 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 483

After flirting with each other before and over dinner, Zachary showered Serenity with meticulous care.

Serenity was a little overwhelmed by it.

At the same time though, she thought, ‘Sure enough, a good husband has to be trained by onesell.

‘I hope the husband that I‘ve trained won’t be snatched away by others.’

The couple went to Liberty‘s house together after dinner.

Sonny had woken up but refused to play by himself. He stuck to his mother like a piece of gum.

Serenity was the only other person he allowed to hold him. He even refused Mrs. Lane to carry him.

“Liberty, are you going to work tomorrow?” Serenity asked while she was hugging her nephew.

Liberty looked at Sonny and deliberated before saying, “Seren, I want to quit and start my own business.”

She was feeling uneasy with the way Sonny was now. However, she had just started her job. It would be easy to lose her job if she took a leave of absence.

After a day of consideration, she decided to take her son with her to start her own business.

“Have you thought about which line of work?”

Liberty said tentatively, “I want to open a breakfast restaurant. What do you think? Apart from working a desk job, the only thing I‘m confident in is my cooking skills, so I want to open a breakfast restaurant. I’ll only be busy in the mornings and can rest in the afternoon to take care of Sonny.”

“Having your business during breakfast hours requires you to get up early. It‘ll be exhausting. Can you manage by yourself?”

Serenity could come over to help at first, but she could not come by every day.

“I‘ll start small and only serve toasts and pancakes. When I earn money, I‘ll get a shop front and hire someone to help.”

Zachary, who had been keeping silent, supported Liberty‘s idea to start a small business. He interjected, “Liberty, do you have your eye on a location yet? Where will your stall be? How much capital do you need?”

“It‘ll be best if I can rent a place in the market, but it‘ll be difficult. Otherwise, I’d like a place

that’s near large company buildings. It’s best if the company does not have a cafeteria, but those locations are already taken up.”

Unless someone relocated.

Serenity said, “Don‘t worry about that now, Liberty. You have to research the market first. If there’s really no stalls, we can get a store front instead. If you don‘t have enough capital, I‘ll lend it to you. Hire someone else to help you. You still need to take care of Sonny, so don‘t tire yourself out.”

“Yeah. I’ll take tomorrow off. Let’s wait until Sonny gets better.”

If the company was understanding about her taking time off despite just working for a few days, she would continue working for a while.

However, if the company could not be understanding, then she would have to resign.

“I want to talk to Hank again about the divorce. If I was given a choice, I‘d rather talk it out with him as I don‘t want to live with him for a moment longer, and going through the divorce lawsuit

the evidence that Za

ped to obtain would take a while.




“If the talk doesn‘t work out, then I‘ll still file for divorce.”

Serenity exchanged looks with her husband and nodded. “You talk to Hank again. It‘s best if you two can come to an agreement regarding the divorce. It‘ll be quicker too. Don‘t show him the evidence of his extra income, but you can scare him a little.

“Also, you can go find Jessica and talk to her to let her pressure Hank He might be willing to take a step back in order to keep his job and marry her as soon as possible.”

Liberty thought about it and felt that her sister had a point.

“If you‘re not free, I‘ll ask Jessica out for you and talk to her.”

“No need, I‘ll talk to her myself. I‘ll take the next two days off to care for Sonny at home. I‘ll ask Jessica out tomorrow at noon.” Since Liberty did not need her help, Serenity did not insist.


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