Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 487 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 487

Audrey took the tissue handed to her by her husband and wiped her tears.

She then finally said, “Sonny does look somewhat similar to my sister. His mother, Liberty, would resemble my sister more if she was a little thinner.

“When Elisa first met Serenity, she said she had a feeling of wanting to be close to the latter. I had that feeling too when I met Liberty and her son.

“I think it‘s because of our blood relation.

“Darrell, maybe this time, I have really found my sister…”

Audrey’s tears slipped down again when she thought about the fact that her sister was long gone.

“But she‘s no longer here. She died fifteen years ago. It‘s no wonder I couldn‘t find her despite searching for so long. How could I find her when she‘s no longer in this world?”

Darrell comforted her. “It‘s just a feeling. Sometimes, fate acts in mysterious ways. Don’t cry yet and wait for the DNA test.”

If his sister–in–law whom he had never met was dead, Darrell would feel shaken too.

When he first met his wife, she was still just an employee of Stone Group, but she had already

started searching for her sister.

Decades passed but she never gave up. She also let her children take over and help her continue the search.

Countless years of perseverance and faith suddenly turned into nothingness. It was normal for his wife to find it difficult to accept.

“My intuition tells me that Liberty and Serenity are my sister‘s daughters. My sister isn‘t here anymore, and her daughters are still living such a hard life… Fortunately, they‘re strong like I was.”

Back then, she was only eight years old and could not raise her sister.

The Hunt sisters had it slightly better. At least they got their parents‘ life insurance payouts. Although their horrid relatives took most of them, the town council fortunately got two hundred thousand for the sisters. Liberty was also fifteen years old that year and was able to somewhat take the burden of raising her sister.

Elisa said that Serenity treated her sister exceptionally well.

Audrey thought, “The two sisters rely on each other and after going through so many storms and seeing the fickleness of human nature, Liberty was both a sister and a mother to Serenity. Serenity would be an ingrate if she wasn’t good to her sister.’

“Let‘s do the DNA test first.”

Audrey wiped her tears again and nodded, “T‘ll visit Serenity tomorrow and ask for a DNA test with her.”

She did not choose to do it with Liberty because the latter had to take care of Sonny.

She was aware about the sisters‘ situation through her daughter. At present, Liberty was in a low period of her life, and she was depending on her younger sister, so Audrey would only ask Serenity to cooperate with her for a DNA test.

“Let Elisa go with you tomorrow. She has a good relationship with Serenity.”

Darrell recalled how his daughter often met Serenity after getting acquainted with her, regardless of her status. He was also pleased with his daughter‘s change of nature, but he never thought that their blood relation played a role.

“All right.”

“Keep this matter under wraps for now, lest other people tamper with the results.”

Darrell reminded his wife.

Their family was the second most powerful family in Wiltspoon after the Yorks.

Many people faked their identities to try and establish connections with the Stone family because they knew that Audrey had always been looking for her sister.

The Hunt sisters had a simple background now, but they were surrounded by too many outrageous people. Who knew if they would do anything to tamper with the results or stop the sisters from acknowledging their relationship with Audrey?

Case in point, the Hunt family.

They not only took away the six hundred thousand payout, but also seized the properties and lands belonging to Serenity‘s family. Then, they drove the sisters away and forbade them from returning to their hometown to visit their parents‘ graves. Worse still, they even moved the graves without informing the sisters.

Now, the Hunt sisters did not know where their parents’ graves were. They could not even pay their respects.

It was no wonder Serenity mercilessly refused when the family repeatedly went to beg for reconciliation.

The hate ran too deep

They had not experienced the suffering of the Hunt sisters, so they could use moral blackmail.

I know.”

Audrey said, “I’m not worried about them tampering with the results. I‘m just afraid that if we make a statement and the test turns out negative, others will use it as an excuse to attack Serenity.”


Darrell let out a hum and comforted his wife. “Don‘t think too much about it. We‘ll know whether it‘s true or false in a few days. Go to sleep first, or shall I go downstairs to make you some food? You can sleep after having a bite.”


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