Married at First Sight Chapter 2248 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2248 by desirenovelNow that Liberty was the boss, her clothes had improved a few levels.

She was originally good-looking, but she was too fat before, which ruined her original good-looking. Later, she lost weight successfully, and her good-looking recovered. She was like a phoenix reborn from the ashes.

As a beautiful woman who lived alone with her son, Liberty attracted a great deal of attention. Many men were staring at her because she was a divorced woman, which was known by those who knew her.

Who could ensure that nobody is malicious?

“I persuaded her to accept Zachary’s gift and move into the Hoxmoor villas. I also have a house there. If she is willing to move there, I will live in it too. It will be convenient to take care of each other in the future. Usually, I will accompany her. Or let bodyguards follow.”

Mrs. Lewis: “Liberty is also stubborn.”

Thinking back when she found Liberty and wanted to persuade Liberty to leave Wiltspoon, Liberty refuted her, leaving her speechless.

She knew that Liberty was very principled.

She used practical actions to prove herself.

“She’s just that stubborn.” Duncan also sighed.

But he just fell in love with that stubborn woman.

After being silent for a while, Mrs. Lewis said: “Her personality is similar to her aunt’s. She is also that kind of person. She was able to take her younger sister away from the cannibalistic hometown when she was fifteen years old, raise her alone, and even put her younger sister on her own and taught her so well.”

Although Serenity’s excellence was due to her own efforts, it was also inseparable from her sister’s cultivation and education.

Liberty herself didn’t spend money to learn martial arts, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, but she spent money for her younger sister to learn. The compensation for the death of the two sisters’ parents was barely enough for them to finish college. Serenity wanted to learn other things. It is estimated that Liberty earned money from part-time jobs.

Liberty attached great importance to education.

Back then, she was still a child, a minor child.

Duncan: “Serenity is very grateful to her elder sister. Liberty, the eldest sister, has also become an elder sister like a mother. Now Serenity is living a better life. She wants to honor her elder sister. That is her wish. Liberty is worried that she has accepted her brother-in-law’s love. Giving a house as a gift will cause Serenity to be criticized by others and will drag down her sister.

Whether it’s a gift from Zachary or the elders of the York family, Liberty almost doesn’t accept it, and Serenity has nothing to do with her sister.

I talked to Liberty on the phone just now, and I persuaded her for a long time, reminding her to think about Sonny and Serenity. Only when her mother and child are safe, Serenity can raise her baby with peace of mind.”

“What did she say?” Mrs. Lewis also felt that it would be better for Liberty to move, and live in the Hoxmoor villas, which had a higher level of security.

Duncan sighed, “She said to think about it, and I will mention it to Zachary tomorrow, so that Serenity can persuade her sister again. Liberty cares most about her sister and son. I hope Serenity can persuade her sister.

For the sake of Serenity and Sonny, she should move. Nothing happened tonight, but there is no guarantee in the future. Is it possible to wait for an accident to make up for it?”

Mrs. Lewis poured her son a glass of warm water, and asked him, “When will you and Liberty be together?”

Duncan: “Mom, I can’t walk normally now, so I won’t talk about relationships for the time being.”

He accompanied Liberty and cared about her, but he didn’t talk to her about his love.

Now he, sitting in a wheelchair, would drag her down.

“I think Liberty treats you differently. You work hard to recover. Mom thinks that on the day you recover, if you propose to Liberty, she will definitely accept your proposal. I’m waiting for Sonny to call me grandma.”

Sonny was not her son’s own son, but Mrs. Lewis was happy to treat Sonny as her own grandson.


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