Married At First Sight Chapter 2909

Married At First Sight Chapter 2909-Camryn smiled, feeling sweet in her heart and feeling that she was so lucky.

She was extremely unfortunate to have such a biological mother before she met Callum, and her biological mother hurt her the most and the most deeply.

Fortunately, Callum’s affection, the love of her parents-in-law, and the concern of everyone in the York family healed her.

She also avenged her biological father and took back everything that belonged to her.

Now, she only needs to take good care of her body and give birth to a child in a few years, and her life will be complete.

Camryn finally accepted the set of retro-style jewelry given to her by her mother-in-law. If she didn’t accept it, her parents-in-law and husband would take turns persuading her.

She knew that her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law had a lot of jewelry. Since they did not have daughters, the jewelry had to be divided among the daughters-in-law. Grandma also had a lot of jewelry. Grandma May said that when the daughters-in-law came in, she shared the jewelry with them.

The jewelry that Grandma May still kept would be distributed to her granddaughter-in-law in the future.

Camryn had personally experienced the benefits of marrying into the York family. No wonder people outside wanted to marry into the York family.

The family of four lived happily until nightfall, and at the urging of their parents-in-law, the young couple went upstairs to rest.

Returned to Callum’s room. During the wedding, this room was used as a wedding room. The decoration had not started. There was still more than a month before the wedding of the two of them. The wedding day was chosen at the end of the twelfth lunar month, and the New Year was celebrated within a few days after the wedding.

Callum said that he could finally have a peaceful New Year because he was married and had a lovely wife. He did not have to spend the New Year at home like in previous years, and he was urged to get married by his elders every day. He was so dizzy that he could only run out on various excuses.

But grandma had a rule that before the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, they must go back to live in the villa every day. After the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, they were not allowed to return to their small home.

Therefore, their brothers, who had reached marriageable age, always ran away during the day and dared not come back until late at night.

Then, because they always came home late at night and Grandma May talked about them, it was difficult to have a peaceful New Year.

This year, it should be Evan and Elian who will have a hard time.

Grandma May had arranged partners for Evan and Elian, but the two of them seem to have not taken any action yet. Evan has made some movements, but he has not said anything. At present, the older brothers do not know about Evan. How far has the other half developed?

If it was the girl who went to the company to find Evan last time, she was pretty good. She was young, beautiful, energetic, and not bad in all aspects. They could still trust grandma’s vision.

“Wife.” As soon as he returned to the room, Callum hugged Camryn’s waist from behind, moved to her cheek first, and kissed her twice. “Honey, are you really not taking me to the banquet?”

Camryn: “Without.”

Callum: “My wife doesn’t love me anymore. I want to go so badly, but she doesn’t even take me there.”

Camryn: “Yes, yes, I don’t love you anymore, so go ahead and cry.”

Camryn turned around in his arms in a funny way and said, “I don’t know what your virtues are. You go with me. I don’t want to feel free. We have agreed that you can play chess with dad at home and don’t torture me. I don’t want to take you there. This is my first time attending a banquet with my mom. I want to perform well, but I also don’t want to live under your protection. Callum, believe me, I’m not someone to bully. I couldn’t see it before, and Carrie did it a lot, but when did she take advantage?”

Camryn was aware of her husband’s concerns, which were primarily that she would face ridicule and bullying from others.

Rosella knew many people. Sometimes she would chat with her acquaintances. If someone wants to cause trouble for her, they will seize the opportunity to target her.

Callum pursed his lips and said nothing.

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