Married At First Sight Chapter 2990

Married At First Sight Chapter 2990-Duncan said to Serenity, “Serenity, let’s go first.”

Serenity said, “Okay. Goodbye, Sonny; have a nice trip.”

“Goodbye, aunt.” Duncan pushed Sonny into the car. He turned around and waved to his aunt to say goodbye. Then he looked at Hank, pursed lips, and said, “Goodbye, dad too.”

Hank smiled.

Duncan took Sonny and left quickly, accompanied by bodyguards.

Carrie slipped away quietly when no one noticed her anymore.

Otherwise, she would be a gangster.

Anyone who came to pick up a child only needed to give the teacher the pick-up card, and the teacher would soon send the child out.

She didn’t have to wait too long. If she waits here any longer and fails to pick up the so-called sister-in-law, Serenity will become suspicious.

After Duncan’s car drove away, Serenity returned to her car and left the kindergarten soon.

Only Hank stood there, looking extremely lonely. He felt that Sonny was getting further and further away from him. He occasionally wanted to file a new lawsuit to regain Sonny’s custody rights, and whoever brought the kids up would kiss them.

Parents also agree.

However, the impulse only lasted a moment. It would calm down soon.

If he wanted Sonny’s custody rights back, Sonny would lose a lot.

His world, his circle, was too far from Liberty’s current circle.

For the sake of Sonny’s future, Hank gave up the idea of re-fighting for custody of his son. Even if his son is not close to him, he is still his biological child. From then on, Sonny would become more capable, and his face would shine.

Serenity did not return to the company and went directly to the York Corporation.

Zachary went out to discuss business and was not in the company, but she would be back soon, so she was waiting in the president’s office.

Zachary’s office had changed a bit compared to before. There was an extra snack cabinet, a few more potted plants, and some dolls.

The potted plants were a money tree and lucky bamboo.

Of course, Serenity moved it and arranged it for him.

Fortunately, his office was big enough, and a few potted plants wouldn’t get in the way.

There were also a few more vases, which were never empty and filled with flowers.

When he first added a few vases to his office, people in the company couldn’t help but look at them every time they came in to report on their work.

Zachary used to dislike having these things in the office; he just liked simplicity and elegance.

But since he got Serenity, his tolerance has become stronger and stronger.

When Serenity gave him a bouquet of flowers, he would put them in a vase, bright and eye-catching, silently showing off the flowers Serenity gave everyone.

Serenity walked to a vase. The flowers in the vase were still very bright. She bent down and smelled the flowers.

Look at the fortune tree, money tree, etc.; they were all growing vigorously, and the fortune bamboo was growing green.

Businessmen in Wiltspoon all like to put money trees or bamboos in their companies or raise a tank of goldfish.

It is said that if they grow rich and grow well, their business will be good and their wealth will be good. In order to destroy the opponent’s wealth, some people not only pay people to sneak into the opponent’s company, but instead of stealing things, they pour boiling water on their money tree. Haha, it’s a very simple business war.

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