Married At First Sight Chapter 2992

Married At First Sight Chapter 2992-“Sister, how are you doing in Jensburg? Is the company stable?” Serenity changed the topic.

She didn’t want to mention the Brown family again.

Liberty laughed and said, “You think I can fly, I’m a god, I can do everything in one go! The company has just been established and is still recruiting a lot of people. Don’t worry about the business. To put it bluntly, the company run by me is just a branch of the Stone Group. Zachary and Duncan hold shares behind it. I am just a part-time worker.”

However, the company she opened was involved in an industry that was specifically targeted at the Farrell Group, and it was clear that she was competing for business with the Farrell Group.

Serenity laughed and said, “My sister is not a part-time worker, she is the boss. Sister, does your company provide food and accommodation? There is a canteen. If you need vegetables and fruits, remember to give me a chance to cooperate.”

Serenity and Elisa opened a vegetable company and grew acres and acres of vegetables.

There was no shortage of vegetables all year round.

She had contracted vegetables from many large companies, schools and hotels in Wiltspoon.

There were also many out-of-town customers.

All in all, her vegetable company had good prospects.

She rarely went to the market. Elisa told her that she would rent more wasteland for use as a market.

Expanding the market means expanding business.

Liberty smiled and said: “Sister’s company has just been established and there are not many employees yet. There is a canteen and dormitories. Only the management will cover the food and lodging. The company will cover 70% of the food and lodging for ordinary employees and only deduct them , thirty percent of the cost. The amount of vegetables you need every day is only a few kilograms or a dozen kilograms. I’m afraid you won’t like such a small order. It won’t be enough to transport it. When my company expands and the number of employees increases, I will definitely do business with you.”

Serenity said: “It would be ok if I had a wholesale stall over there. Both large and small orders are orders. Sister, have you ever visited the countryside in Jensburg? Are there any uncultivated fields? I can sell my business there, the food market has developed into Jensburg.”

As long as she rent the land and hire workers, she can start working. Then she would also set up a subsidiary there, and she could cooperate with major hotels and companies in Jensburg.

“This, I haven’t seen it yet. I have been active in the urban area of ​​​​Jensburg City. The furthest places I go to are the suburbs. There are few fields in the suburbs. Only the villages under the city’s landfills have fields. Next week, I’ll take some time to visit those towns and villages and get back to you.”

“Sister, you’re busy. You don’t have to do such small things yourself. Just let Jim run over.”

Serenity thought it would be good to go to Jensburg for development. Being able to fight with her sister and face the wind and rain together.

She was also her mother’s daughter and a descendant of her grandmother.

Liberty said, “Okay, sister, I’ll ask someone to help you take a look. But, do you have time to do this now?”

Serenity said: “Zachary won’t let me run away. I’m fine. My belly isn’t as big as a watermelon. If he doesn’t let me run away, I’ll just stay in Wiltspoon and Elisa takes care of the company’s affairs. Elisa now understands what vegetables to grow and which vegetables have better travel schedules. She has already figured out.”

In the past, only she, who was born in the countryside, understood it. Elisa, a wealthy lady, only knew that vegetables could be eaten, but did not know how to grow them. Since opening a vegetable company in partnership and going to the rural markets to see it, Elisa had slowly come to understand.

When she went to the vegetable market, Elisa would put on her water shoes and went to the fields with the workers at the vegetable market. Even if she didn’t look at them, she had to wander around the fields. Watching the vegetables were growing beautifully, She became more and more ambitious.

What she said was that she found her own value after she entered into business partnership with Serenity.

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