Married At First Sight Chapter 2994

Married At First Sight Chapter 2994-Zachary said, “Of course Sonny is happy to go on a long trip and see his mother again.”

For Sonny, this weekend was the most anticipated and most enjoyable one for him.

Duncan’s replacement of Hank’s father’s position was equivalent to a family of three having fun. It’s no wonder Sonny was unhappy.

“Sonny doesn’t come to see me first before going out. If I can’t see him for two days, I will miss him.”

Zachary complained about the little guy’s “heartlessness.”

Serenity smiled and said, “If I hadn’t given him the suitcase, he wouldn’t have even looked at me and just left with Brother Duncan.”

Zachary said, “Save time, otherwise it will be very late when you get there.”

Serenity said, “My sister is still waiting for them to have dinner together.”

Zachary touched her belly and asked softly: “Is our baby obedient?”

Serenity said, “He is still so young and very obedient. If he is older, he cannot sit for a long time. If he sits for a long time, he will kick around when he feels uncomfortable.”

She remembered when Liberty was pregnant with Sonny, she couldn’t sit for a long time after her belly swelled. If she sat for a long time, Sonny would kick randomly.

Zachary reminded her, “After six months, don’t go to work.”

Serenity didn’t object, she hummed, “I won’t go to work in six or seven months, and I’ll stay at home to raise the baby.”

Zachary breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid that Serenity would stop working when she was eight or nine months pregnant.

That would be too tiring.

After Serenity became pregnant, Zachary realized that it was not easy for women to get pregnant, and then he changed the company’s policy for female employees. As long as female employees in the company were pregnant, the company would not give them too many things to do. When they were eight months pregnant, they were asked to return to the company and given direct paid leave.

They were not required to work within six months after the child was born, and they are were on paid leave. Of course, if they returned to the company to work on their own initiative, the company would not stop them.

Zachary said, “Who were you talking to on the phone when I came in? I thought I heard you talking about the branch.”

Serenity didn’t answer him immediately and asked him to pour himself a glass of warm water.

“You talk until your mouth is dry.”

Zachary immediately got up and poured her a glass of warm water.

He brought some of her usual favorite snacks over to satisfy her cravings.

Serenity was really thirsty.

She drank a glass of water in one go.

Seeing this, Zachary poured her another glass of water, then sat down and helped her unpack the snacks.

“I want to open a branch in Jensburg. I asked my sister to help me check out the countryside in Jensburg Township to see if there are many abandoned fields, and then rent them to grow vegetables and fruits.”

Zachary’s black eyes flickered a few times, and he said in a deep voice: “It’s okay, has it been discussed?”

Serenity nodded.

Knowing that her husband was worried, Serenity took the initiative and said, “Don’t worry, I’m the one staying at the headquarters, and so is Jasmine.”

Zachary came over and kissed her on the face, and said dotingly: “After the baby is born, you can go wherever you want. You can fly everywhere when you have time. My wife’s business will grow bigger and bigger. By the way, you also have to take care of your shops and small factory business. ‘Oh’ my wife is a busy person. When she gets busy, she can still remember me, her husband? I’m afraid. I have to take my children to hope for the stars and the moon, and for you to come home.”

Serenity pinched his arm lightly.

She couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Don’t sound pitiful. Who told you to marry me? Who told you to be the eldest young master of the York family? Originally, I just wanted to be a bookstore owner. After marrying you, I had no choice but to expand my ambitions infinitely and work hard so that I could catch up with you and be on par with you. After I get familiar with the shops and small factory business, I will give some of it to Camryn and Hayden to help take care of it. They are also the young ladies of the York family, so we share the responsibility.”

Taking care of so many things by herself would exhaust her to death.

Camryn and Hayden also helped the mother-in-law.

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