Married At First Sight Chapter 2996

Married At First Sight Chapter 2996-Zachary said, “If you want to see the snow, after the baby is born, I will take you to the north to see the snow.”

Serenity said, “Okay.”

The couple rarely travels far.

Everyone was busy.

As soon as the couple’s car entered the villa and parked, Grandma May came back.

Zachary got off the car and walked towards Grandma’s car. When Grandma May got off the car, he said, “Grandma, you always know how to go home. Seren is pregnant. You said you would come to take care of Seren, but you often don’t come home. Don’t know where to run? Which old lady is as disobedient as you? You are running around even though you’re old. Anyone calls you and hangs up impatiently after being unable to say more than two words.”

Grandma May was not angry when Zachary complained about her running around. She smiled and said, “Isn’t it good that Grandma can still run around? It means grandma is in good health. If grandma lies in bed and can’t move, you should have a headache.”

“Bah, that’s lucky. Grandma wouldn’t do that.” Serenity said.

Zachary also looked at Grandma May seriously, not liking what she said.

When serenity came over, Grandma May immediately changed her expression to one of grievance and fear. She quickly hid behind Serenity, stuck her head out to look at Zachary, and then turned back timidly. .

“Seren, Zack scolded me. I just went out to play with my old friends for a few days. He scolded me for being homeless, scolded me for running around, and disliked me for being disobedient.”

Zachary was speechless.

Grandma May was an actress.

Serenity cooperated with Grandma May, protecting her while saying to Zachary, “That’s right, Grandma just got together with old friends and didn’t do anything bad. Don’t talk about grandma.”

Turning around, she said to Grandma again, “Grandma, you can’t run around. You are getting older. Pay attention to safety and let us juniors feel at ease.”

“We are calling you; don’t look impatient; we are also caring about you.”

Grandma May smiled, took Serenity’s arm affectionately, and led Serenity towards the main house. As she walked, she said, “I can’t stay at home; I’m so bored. I know about my body; it’s okay. You are in good health, Seren; therefore, you do not require constant supervision from your grandmother. The main reason is that your husband is so awesome. He can take good care of you now. He has almost memorized all the pregnancy-related books he bought. If he takes away the responsibility of taking care of you, I will have nothing to do.

Tatum and the others are still young, and it’s not easy for grandma to push for marriage. Next year, I will be an honest grandma at home and help you take care of your children.”

Serenity smiled and said, “Grandma, it’s not that we don’t let you go out, but when you go out, we have to let someone follow you, so that we don’t know anything happens.”

Grandma May said, “I brought Driver with me. He can also fight. Don’t worry, no one in Wiltspoon dares to do anything to me.”

Anyone who dared to do anything to the old lady was either not born yet or had passed away.


Grandma May said, “Okay, okay, grandma listens to you; grandma listens to you; just listen to you, not Zack. Seeing Zack’s iceberg face, grandma doesn’t even have the appetite to eat. I heard that Tatum will cook in person; wait a minute. Let me eat two more bowls of rice.”

Zachary, who followed, couldn’t laugh or cry. “Grandma, you also said that you wanted to eat two more bowls of rice when you had no appetite.”

Grandma May said, “Yes, if Tatum cooks, I can eat two more bowls of rice. If you cook, I can eat two less bowls of rice.”

Zachary snorted, “Grandma, you can’t eat two bowls of rice at every meal, usually half a bowl of rice, and then eat vegetables.”

Grandma May said, “The food is delicious.”

“When I cook, grandma eats less than two bowls of rice and eats vegetables. It means that the food I cook is delicious. What does Grandma think about it?”

Grandma May said, like a child, “I just don’t like it; what’s the matter?”

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