Married At First Sight Chapter 2997

Married At First Sight Chapter 2997-“Grandma, our brothers were all taught by you. If you dislike us, it means denying your own educational achievements.”

Grandma May was speechless.

Her precious eldest grandson, Zachary, was becoming more and more eloquent. This was all due to her, because Zachary married Serenity, her granddaughter-in-law.

Serenity’s smile never faded.

Every time Grandma May quarreled with Zachary, she laughed until her belly hurt.

“Seren, let’s ignore him. He keeps a straight face and is extremely serious all day long. You are the only one who can stand him. If it were the second woman, she would have been far away. When children see him when he goes out at night, it can make them cry.”

Zachary had a dark look on his face.

Serenity said, “No, I think Zachary is very good. He is not cold at all. Anyway, he is gentle and considerate in front of me, and he is a model husband. I am very satisfied.”

Zachary immediately looked happy. “My wife is good to me.”

Grandma May smiled and said, “You two can torture a single person to death by showing off your affection.”

“Grandma, don’t you like to see us so affectionate?” Zachary asked Grandma rudely.

Grandma May laughed, “I am happy, happy, very happy to see you taken down by Seren. Oh, I don’t know who swore that he would not fall in love with Seren or pursue his wife.”

Zachary’s face turned green. “Grandma, please stop digging into old scores.”

Serenity said sternly, “My man is my man; you can’t escape from me.”

“Domineering, grandma likes your domineering attitude!”

Grandma May and Serenity smiled at each other, left Zachary behind, and took the lead in entering the house.

Zachary shook his head helplessly and fondly.

Grandma May was like an old, naughty child.

She was also the sea-fixing needle of their York family.

As long as Grandma May is still there, they feel that there is no need to be afraid if the sky falls because Grandma is holding them up.

Liam and Tania, who were sitting on the sofa waiting for Zachary and Serenity to come back before starting dinner, saw Grandma May and Serenity coming together, and they both stood up.

Liam said, “Mom, you are back.”

Grandma May hummed.

“Come back and have a look when you’ve had enough fun.”

She looked at Tania, who was also called “Mom.”.

“Tania, why didn’t you call mom when you were unhappy yesterday? Mom would take you around for a few days to relax.”

Tania’s face turned red.

Really, nothing could escape Grandma May’s eyes.

“Yeah, it’s nothing. I just argued a few words, and there was no quarrel.”

Liam said, “That’s right, that’s right; Mom, Tania, and I didn’t quarrel. Tania missed Seren and came to stay with Seren for a few days. I have never been able to live without my wife, so I also came to stay for a few days. When mom came back, it became lively.”

His old mother, Grandma May, had always been the doting daughter-in-law.

Grandma May said that her daughter-in-law was not born to her, but she should be filial to her elders and support the York family. She was a great contributor to the York family, so she was naturally pampered.

Those of them who were sons are the biological sons of their mother, so it was natural for them to be filial to her. What the hell did they want to be a mother in return?

Did they dare to say it?

Grandma May’s crutches could chase them from the mountains to the mountains, and from the mountains to the mountains again.

“You didn’t quarrel, but you made my daughter-in-law unhappy.”

Sam said.

As the butler of the old house, Sam had ears and eyes in all directions and was Grandma May’s most powerful spy.

As long as the old lady wanted to know, Sam could tell the old lady.

The old lady often said that Sam should join the Bucham family. With Sam’s ability, he could definitely climb to Josh’s position and squeeze out all of them.

Josh wiped his sweat. Fortunately, Sam did not join the Bucham family to compete with him for a position.

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