Married At First Sight Chapter 2999

Married At First Sight Chapter 2999-Serenity said, “I heard from Zachary that Kevin and Hayden are going on vacation and won’t be back for half a month. If grandma comes over now, you can go and play, but if you want to propose marriage, it won’t be good if the bride is not at home.”

Grandma May and others were speechless.

“Then let’s wait until they come back to propose marriage. We can also go over and get acquainted with Mr. and Mrs. Queen.”

Serenity smiled and said, “Grandma, aren’t you familiar enough with them?”

“We talk more on the phone and less in person.”

Serenity was speechless.

The elders of the two families do keep in touch by phone, and they don’t meet often.

It was mainly because the distance was a little further.

“Time to eat.” Zachary came out of the kitchen and shouted.

Grandma May was at home, the men were cooking, and the women were sitting together chatting and waiting for dinner.

A grandma who had never had a daughter in her life loved her daughter-in-law as a daughter.

Since she no longer had a granddaughter, she treated her granddaughter-in-law as a granddaughter.

Zachary always dreamed that the baby in Serenity’s belly would be a girl.

In this way, three thousand people would love his daughter.

Thinking that it had been a long time since the couple had this child and that both children were precious, Zachary felt at ease.

Even if Serenity gave birth to a grandchild, because he was the first great-grandchild (grandchild), the child would still be favored.

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law got up and entered the dining hall.

“grandma.” Tatum was wearing an apron. He smiled and called the old lady.

Grandma May smiled lovingly and said, “Grandma still has a good taste.”

“Grandma has always had good taste.”

Serenity helped Grandma. May sat down and said, “Grandma, please slow down and be careful.”

Grandma May smiled and said, “You just have to be careful.”

Her eyes fell on Serenity’s belly, and she smiled so kindly.

She felt like the days were passing so slowly. She was anxious to hold her great-granddaughter. Paying attention to Serenity’s changes in diet, she felt that she still hoped to have a great-granddaughter.

Tatum prepared a table of delicious dishes for everyone.

The person who liked to cook the most also liked to delve into recipes. The meals he made were delicious.

Everyone said it was delicious and satisfying.

While taking a walk after dinner, Serenity asked the man next to her, “Husband, you said Tatum went to Ormond’s house to apply for a job. Can he be admitted?”

Zachary said, “As long as you do something seriously, there is no chance of failure. Tatum can break out of the siege and enter Miss Ormond’s world.”

Serenity smiled. “That is, he is good enough in all aspects. If he works as a chef for Miss Ormond, he will definitely be the best and most handsome chef.”

“Ring ring ring…”

Serenity’s cell phone rang; it was a WhatsApp call request.

“Sonny is here.”

Before even checking the call, Serenity guessed it was a voice call from Sonny. She took out her cell phone and saw that it was really a call request from Liberty. When she answered the call, she heard Sonny’s crisp voice.

Sonny asked, “Auntie, have you eaten?”

Serenity said, “Auntie has eaten and is now walking outside with your uncle. You and Uncle Lewis are here.”

Sonny responded with a sweet voice, “We just arrived, and my mother came to pick us up at the airport. I said I wanted to tell my aunt that we had arrived, so she gave me her phone.”

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