The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6797

“The most advanced AI model?!”

When hank heard this, his brain exploded instantly!

He has been on Wall Street for many years. When he worked in an investment bank, he invested in a large number of innovative technology companies and helped many technology companies to ring the bell on the Nasdaq. Therefore, he has a very keen sense of high-tech development around the world.

The popularity of AI was unprecedented some time ago. Although he had left the venture capital circle for a long time at that time, he still kept a close eye on AI while teaching in Aurous Hill.

He knew too well what kind of application prospects the real AI model had, but he never expected that charlie Wade actually had the AI ​​model that all the Internet companies in China were sighing about!

He asked charlie Wade excitedly: “charlie Wade, can Rothschild help you solve all the software and hardware problems? High-computing graphics cards are hard to come by now. Many domestic companies are trying to buy them one by one around the world. The demand for this hardware is too great!”

charlie Wade smiled and said, “I don’t have to worry about these. The Rothschild family will help me solve all the software and hardware problems. Even the data center was purchased from Microsoft by them. It will probably be officially operational in more than half a month.”

“Oh my God!” hank exclaimed, “This is such a big surprise! If it can really be applied to cars, I think there must be a lot of room for development!”

Then he asked charlie Wade: “Are you sure that the Rothschild family can obtain the authorization for the application of this AI in the automotive field?”

charlie Wade said: “It’s not a big problem. I can solve it. If they don’t want to grant the license, we can still mediate with them. At worst, we can use it ourselves and not use their name. But Uncle Hank still needs to analyze how much practical application value AI has in the automotive field.”

hank said: “I personally feel that the application value of AI in the automotive field is very high, especially in AI assistants, intelligent assisted driving and dynamic adjustment of vehicle status;”

“AI assistants can be understood as voice assistants today, but you can buy a small smart speaker for a few dozen dollars to achieve basic functions, but it is still a long way from being an AI assistant. Voice assistants require you to speak and give them commands, while AI assistants may not require you to speak. By analyzing your car usage habits, the time you go out, your clothing style, and the number of people in the car, it can determine where you may be going and what you may be doing, and directly adjust the temperature, seat, route planning, and navigation for you;”

“It can also analyze your facial expressions, breathing, and heart rate to determine your mood, the music, air conditioning, and driving mode you need. It can even chat with you and talk to you about your professional field. If you are a business elite, your AI assistant will proactively talk to you about the latest business news while you drive every day, and it can also give you its own unique insights. It can discuss with you, help you learn, analyze for you, and even debate with you. “

“In addition, if AI is used to train smart driving and analyze road big data, it will definitely make smart driving more intelligent, smarter and safer. Smart driving on the market relies on either millimeter waves and lidar or pure vision, each of which has very obvious advantages and disadvantages, but AI-based smart driving systems will definitely be better than other solutions;”

“Moreover, AI’s greater ability is to conduct detailed analysis of our big data through its powerful autonomous consciousness and massive computing power;”

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