An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2125

 Chapter 2125

“Kusama-kun, this is Brahma, this is Vishnu, and this is Shiva. They are all national treasures of Tianzhu.

They all have unique skills.”

Bailey turned around and introduced.

“Brahma? Vishnu? Shiva?” Taro Kusama raised his eyebrows, even more surprised.

In Tianzhu, there is a mysterious and powerful killer organization called Demon Eye.

Anyone can be killed as long as he can afford the price.

A former leader of the Goryeo Kingdom died at the hands of the Demon Eye Organization.

Within this organization, there are three ace killers, namely Fentian, Vishnu, and Shiva.

These three people are all named after the gods of Tianzhu, and their mission success rate is 100%.

The assassination of the leader of Goryeo was the work of three people!

Being able to successfully assassinate the leader of a country under the protection of a large number of experts from Goryeo and escape unscathed is enough to prove how strong these three people are!

First there is Blood Demon William, and then there are the three ace killers of Tianzhu Kingdom.

If each of them is taken alone, they can set off a bloody storm!

“Three friends, please come inside!”

After knowing his identity, Taro Kusama did not dare to neglect and quickly ordered people to serve wine and snacks.

These are distinguished guests, so they must be treated well.

“Master, there are several people from the White Elephant Kingdom outside, and they claim to know Mr. Bailey.”

At this time, a warrior from the Golden Crow Kingdom walked into the living room and reported.

“Hahaha… It seems that another friend has arrived.” Bailey smiled heartily.


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