Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1322 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1322

Serenity could not stand his constant nagging.

Zachary’s thin lips pursed as he complained, “Honey, why are you so mean to me? You’re annoyed with me.”

Serenity wanted to kick him out. “If you don’t go out, I’m sleeping in the guest room tonight.”

Zachary turned around and walked out, muttering pitifully, “My wife is annoyed with me, my wife is annoyed with me…

Serenity was speechless.

She did not know whether to laugh or cry when it came to this man.

Her body and soul already belonged to him–what did he have to worry about?

Two minutes later, Zachary sat across from his parents.

He looked at his father, who was decked out in a white suit, and said, “Dad, why are you wearing a white suit at your age? Are you trying to compare with me?”

Liam said, “What’s that tone? Am I that old? I take care of my appearance. Your mom says we look like brothers if we stand together, not father and son. Your mom says I look dreamy dressed in a white suit, like Prince Charming in fairy tales.”

Tania echoed her husband’s words. “Yes, I think your father looks very dashing in a white suit. Your dad has always been the Prince Charming in my heart.”

She was also dressed in a conservative but elegant evening gown.

Tania’s elegance was all natural. No matter what she wore, it could not hide her noble air.

“Zack, did you fight with Seren again? Your tone was so confrontational. You targeted your dad as soon as we arrived. Or did we come at a bad time and interrupt you two…”

Since Liam retired, Tania did not need to accompany her husband to various banquets and

fundraisers, so the couple had not shown up at banquets for a long time.

Tonight, they finally returned to the scene because Tania wanted to let everyone know that she had an excellent relationship with her daughter–in–law.

It was also to help pave the way for Serenity. She wanted to introduce Serenity to the ladies who were closely related to the York family.

In the future, Serenity would be the lady of the family.

She had to accompany Zachary to various banquets, fundraisers, etc, so she had to create good relations with the other ladies. She held a large influence as the woman who shared the same bed as Zachary

“Nothing happened.”

Zachary would not admit to his parents that his beloved wife drove him downstairs.

“That’s good. Is Seren still changing? I’ll go check up on her.”

Tania stood up and went upstairs.

After she left, Liam asked his son softly, “Zack, are you sure you didn’t fight with Seren? I’m a man too, and I also like to spoil my wife. I can tell from your expression that you’re unhappy.”

Zachary looked at his father silently.

Liam realized what was going on and straightened up. “Your mom said she wanted to show up with her daughter–in–law, so I accompanied her over. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come even if you begged me to.”

The banquet tonight was a grand one, so there would be many reporters taking pictures.

Tania chose to show up today with her daughter–in–law. The reporters would certainly swarm to take pictures of the mother and daughter–in–law, and everyone would be able to tell at a glance if their relationship was good or not.

The reason she did not show up in public with her daughter–in–law often was because she was an open–minded mother–in–law and would not take up her daughter–in–law’s time with her son.

As a mother, her child’s happiness came first.

Zachary’s happiness was given to him by Serenity.

When he was with Serenity, he was just an ordinary man who felt emotions like joy and anger.

Naturally, she would want Zachary to spend more time with Serenity. How could she lord over her daughter–in–law?

“You think too much, Dad. If I’m going to beg anyone to come back, I’ll only beg Seren.”

Liam was speechless.

“You little brat.”

“I’m a brat, but you’re no better. I’m your son and followed your example.”

Liam paused before stating, “Men who have a wife to dote over them are really different. In the past, you never so much as made a peep when you were lashed. Look how sharp–tongued you’ve become now.

“Serenity really is a good daughter–in–law!”

She was the person who changed his son.


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