Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1323 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1323

“Yes, my wife trained me well.”

Liam opened his mouth but did not know what to say.

His son was even more henpecked than he was.

While the father and son chatted, the noblest pair of mother–in–law and daughter–in–law in Wiltspoon descended the stairs.

Zachary recognized at a glance that the jewelry Serenity was wearing was not from him. He knew that his mother gave it to her deliberately without having to ask.

Indeed, Tania went upstairs to see her daughter–in–law put on makeup just to give her the set of jewelry stuffed in her bag to her daughter–in–law.

In her words, the jewelry set was too bright for someone of her age, so it was more suitable for Serenity.

Tania was born and raised in a wealthy family and received a lot of jewelry since she was a child. After she married into the York family, she was deeply favored by her husband, who also gave her a lot of jewelry. Her mother–in–law also presented her with several sets of expensive jewelry when she gave birth to Zachary.

Tania did not have a daughter, so her precious jewelry was naturally for her daughter–in–law. Serenity was her only daughter–in–law now, so her giving Serenity jewelry was the same as how Grandma May gave her a set of jewelry when she gave birth to Zachary

Serenity, who was well–trained by Audrey after being taken to several banquets previously, changed into a fancy dress, put on light makeup, and wore the jewelry her mother–in–law gifted her. She looked so beautiful and dignified that Zachary was stunned at the sight of her.

Liam snubbed his son in his heart. His son was destined to be controlled by Serenity for the rest of his life.

Serenity would retort if she heard Liam’s thoughts, “I think I’m the one being controlled for the rest of my life.”

“Babe, look at the jewelry Mom gave me. Does it look good?”

Zachary nodded. “Yes, but I think you’ll look better in the jewelry that I gave you.’

Tania laughed and scolded him, “Are you going to be jealous of your own mother? Seren, you’re the only one who can tolerate how petty he is.”

Serenity gave her husband a look.

She was not the one calling him petty. It was his own mother.

A mother knew her son best. Her mother–in–law was telling the truth.

“It’s getting late. Let’s go.”

Liam stood and called out to his wife, ready to leave for Wiltspoon Hotel.

“Dad, Zachary hasn’t changed his clothes yet.”

Liam turned to his son and said, “Why are you still standing there like a wooden block? You really are like a wooden block. You don’t move unless someone pushes you. Only someone like Serenity can tolerate a wooden block like you.

The husband and wife praised their daughter–in–law while stepping over their son.

Zachary grumbled, “I don’t know which one of us is your real child.” Then, he stood up and went upstairs to get changed.

Serenity felt like her in–laws were the best in–laws in the world.

Zachary changed swiftly. He did not put on his coat or his tie and carried them in his hands when he came downstairs.

Liam pulled his wife outside.

He could not stand to see his arrogant and jealous son.

Serenity walked over naturally, took the coat from her husband’s hands, and helped him put it or Then, she started tying his tie.

After straightening his clothes, she took a step back and looked at him, praising, “As expected a mannequin–you look good no matter what you wear.”

Then, she took his arm and smiled. “Let’s not keep your parents waiting.”

“You’re not allowed to sleep in the guest room tonight.”

“I won’t.”

Serenity could not help but laugh. “I was just scaring you.”

She had no choice. It was the only way she could deal with this man.

With Old Mr. Marshall’s status in Wiltspoon, even Zachary had to show him full respect.

His business receptions were always extravagant and guests felt honored to be invited to a banquet he hosted.


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