Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1325 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1325

Knock, knock.

There was a knock at the door.

Mr. Newman asked outside the door, “Honey, are you ready? Hurry up. We’re going to be late.”

Mrs. Newman gave up on trying to punish Camryn again. After all, the plan tonight was to sell Camryn. If she punished her daughter too badly, she would not be able to sell her at a good price since others would not like her.

“We’re ready.”

Mrs. Newman said to Camryn, “Get out!”

Camryn reached for her cane and was just about to walk when her cane was snatched from her hands by her mother. Mrs. Newman tossed the cane aside and said, “You don’t need a walking stick when attending a banquet.

“Just follow me.”

Mrs. Newman knew that Camryn could follow along so long as Camryn could hear her voice and footsteps.

Camryn fell silent and quietly followed Mrs. Newman out of the room.

Mr. Newman waited impatiently at the room door. When he saw the mother and daughter come out, his eyes lit up. He looked at his stepdaughter for a long time before saying, “Camryn really is getting more beautiful. She takes after both you and her father.”

Every time he saw Camryn, it was like he was looking at his younger brother.

Fortunately, Camryn did not completely take after his younger brother, otherwise he would not even want to see her.

Mrs. Newman glared at Camryn for a moment and said in contempt, “My Carrie is more beautiful.”

Then, she stepped forward, took her husband’s arm, and said, “Let’s go. The banquet is about to start.”

“The banquet starts around this time, but there’s no need to rush. The climax of the banquet is when Mr. York arrives. Even if we go now, Mr. York won’t be there yet.”

At the mention of Zachary, Mrs. Newman remembered Serenity and felt anger bubbling in her stomach. She turned her head and scolded Camryn, who was slowly walking down the stairs,” Can’t you move faster?

“You’re so slow no matter what you do. How is a person like you able to earn money and feed yourself?”

Camryn ignored her.

She grabbed the handrail and took her time.

Mrs. Newman was enraged. No matter how she scolded Camryn, Camryn paid no mind to her. It was like she was punching cotton–her dissatisfaction only increased.

If not for the fact that she had to take this mole rat out to attend the banquet tonight, she wanted to go behind Camryn and kick her down.

“Camryn can’t see, so she has to walk slowly when going down the stairs. What if she slips and hurts her face?

“Come on, don’t be angry.”

Mr. Newman admonished his wife and said gently to Camryn, “Camryn, your mother is just short- tempered. Don’t take it to heart. Take your time. We’ll wait for you outside.”

Camryn remained silent.

Mr. Newman was used to his niece’s reticence.

Camryn did not like to talk at home. What could she say? No one treated her like a human here.


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