Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1330 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1330

The same person also looked down on Serenity’s background.

A country bumpkin sprinted up the social ladder just because she saved Old Mrs. York.

There were so many elders in the York family, but no one raised an objection and allowed a country bumpkin to become the eldest missus of the family. She would be the lady of the family in the future. Was the York family not afraid that Serenity’s incompetence would disgrace the family and make them the laughingstock of others?

If Serenity had married another son of the York family, she might not have attracted that much jealousy.

“You’re right. I also think that Serenity isn’t insightful enough. She doesn’t think things through and is too impulsive. She takes advantage of her husband’s status and doesn’t show respect to many people, so she casually meddles in other people’s business and makes enemies for Mr. York.”

This time it was Mrs. Newman who spoke.

“Exactly. Serenity is really meddlesome. You’re Mrs. Newman, right? I remember Serenity meddling with your daughters‘ business during the Dowlings‘ party back then. I called Tania out of the kindness of my heart and told her to watch her daughter–in–law, but she scolded me and blocked my number.”

It was Mrs. Walker, who was full of hostility and dislike for Serenity after Tania rebuked and blocked her.

Mrs. Walker had been furious. She had meant well, but Tania snubbed her.

If Serenity were her daughter–in–law and dared meddle in other people’s affairs and cause trouble for her son, she would have told her son to divorce immediately and marry a compliant wife.

Even if Tania wanted to protect her daughter–in–law, she should have taken into consideration the situation. Protecting Serenity like that would only cause Serenity to get into more trouble in the future.

The York family would be ruined in the hands of Serenity sooner or later.

Their reputation would be destroyed by her.

“Tania has arrived, and she came with her son and daughter–in–law.”

While Mrs. Newman and Mrs. Walker were running their mouths about Serenity, someone suddenly raised their voice.

Except for Old Mr. Marshall, everyone else in the Marshall family stood up to greet them.

The other ladies exchanged glances.

Mrs. Walker nudged Mrs. Newman and whispered, “Tania hasn’t attended a banquet for a long time You’re lucky to see her tonight.”

Mrs. Newman replied softly, “She’s attending out of respect to Old Mr. Marshall.”

“That’s true. Everyone here respects Old Mr. Marshall. He’s kind–hearted enough to hold such a grand business reception once or twice a year so people can get together to talk about our daily lives. The men can even negotiate business.”

The annual Marshalls‘ banquet was like a feast for Wiltspoonians, where all kinds of company heads could make friends with people they had no chance to meet during ordinary times. They could also try to negotiate and do business.

Thus, Old Mr. Marshall’s status in the business world was extraordinary.

After all, even the York family revered him.

Old Mrs. York would even call Old Mr. Marshall by name affectionately when she saw him.

Outside the hotel, Serenity was escorted out of the car by her man. He was very gentlemanly and took special care of her.

He was worried she would be unsteady while wearing stilettos.

Serenity said to him with a low smile, “If I had to wear heels this high in the past, I definitely wouldn’t be able to walk, but I’m used to it now. Don’t worry. I promise I won’t embarrass you tonight.”

“I’m not afraid of being embarrassed. What’s important is that you’re happy and not wronged.”

Serenity’s finger mischievously tickled the palm of his hand as she laughed. “I’m your wife. Who would dare cross me?”

This little action of hers caused Zachary to want to tie her into his arms and kiss her fiercely a million times.

She was simply a little minx, always teasing him in public so he could not punish her.


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