Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 494 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 494

It was because Serenity and Zachary got into the marriage without any feelings for each other in the beginning. It took a lot of care for them to come this far.

Serenity drove away.

Shawn wanted to take his car and gain up on her, but seeing that no one was watching Serenity‘s shop, he gave up the chase and stayed to watch over the shop.

Serenity ran into Elisa at the corner turning into the school.

Their cars nearly collided right before both parties jammed on the brakes.

Elisa rolled down her window to give the other party a piece of her mind when she realized that it was Serenity‘s car. She shouted, “Where are you going, Serenity?”

Serenity was surprised to see that it was Elisa. Noticing the beautiful middle–aged woman sitting on the passenger‘s seat next to Elisa, Serenity guessed it must be Mrs. Stone. She nodded at the mother and daughter and said, “I have an urgent matter to attend to, Elisa.

“Jas is in the hospital for a cold and fever. No one’s looking after the shop. Can I trouble you to watch the place for me?”

“Serenity, I… Sure, I’ll leave you to deal with your stuff.”

Elisa wanted to say that she came here with her mother to bring Serenity and her mother for a DNA test. However, Serenity must have had an emergency since she appeared rather anxious, so Elisa ended up agreeing to watch the shop.

Serenity restarted the engine and disappeared into traffic.

Traffic was bad as it was the morning rush hour. Cars were jammed up on many roads.

Serenity was desperate.

She wished she had wings to fly all the way to York Corporation.

Had she known, she would have taken the e-bike to work

The four-wheeled ride protected her from the external elements, but it was useless in the heavy traffic.

Serenity kept phoning Zachary while on the unmoving road, but he refused to pick up.

He would not even return her text messages.

Now, this was all too familiar

That was how he acted when he was angry and took things the wrong way. He refused to receive calls or reply to messages.

Zachary was jealous.

Before he could get out of the car upon his arrival at the shop, Zachary witnessed Serenity bringing the roses out of the shop and dumping them in a bin.

Serenity said something to Shawn, and Shawn tried to reach out and grab her, but she slapped his hand away with a duster. Serenity did not do him any wrong.

Yet, Zachary could not stop himself from getting angry.

Hence why he turned on his heel and left when she saw him.

Zachary was acting on his instincts.

At present, he was on his way back to the office.

Serenity‘s call came in when he was driving. Zachary was not in the mood to accept the call.

He did not bother to read the text messages she sent either.

Zachary simply drove on, going past his office building without stopping.

It was not until he was miles away that it hit him. He made a U–turn at the intersection ahead and went back to where he came from.

Several minutes later, Zachary stepped into the office building with a face longer than a horse.

Josh must be looking for Zachary as he was hanging around Mr. Chaplin‘s desk, chatting away. Seeing that Zachary was here, Josh ditched Mr. Chaplin and went up to Zachary.


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